Friday, December 13, 2013

Ornate Half Moon

Good morning!  It's an early of my little noodle-heads got up at 2:30 and then another at 4:30 so there's no going back for me- this day has officially begun and we're rollin at full steam.  If I'm up, and it's a new day, well then it's time to blog.  So ladies and gents, it's not always about smurfin around and wearing nutty designs on our nails. Sometimes you want a look that's a little more fancy shmancy for an event, like holiday work parties perhaps...Well here's one you can rock and catch everyone's eye for all the right reasons :)  This isn't quite a lacy half moon, more like gold leaf petals.  In any case, here's the look and I hope you give it a try:

All you gotta do is pick your favorite dark polish for a base and then using gold polish or acrylic paint, detail this three leaf pattern at your cuticles.  The base polish I chose was China Glaze Tongue & Chic which was so much darker in my original swatch when I first received this polish.  Two weeks later it was super thin and super dark and no amount of mixing could return it to that beautiful metallic teal.  It's still pretty as a darkest teal shade, but I purchased it for the way it appeared in swatches I viewed online, so that was a bit of a bummer.
Here it is at two coats:
You wouldn't even think it was the same polish, right?  Crazy- I've never had a polish change that much in such a short time...  Oh well :)  I hope you enjoyed this look today and that you have a fabulous Friday!

Song of the Day: Justice- Waters of Nazareth
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Over and out.

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