Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's so great about April 2nd??

Hey everyone.  How many of you played any April Fools pranks yesterday? (raises hand)  So what's so great about April 2nd?  Well first of all, it's my fabulous sister's birthday and my two fantastic nephews' birthdays.  On top of that it is Autism Awareness Day!  Almost 5 years ago now I found myself counted among the great big family of those who live with, love, laugh with, and cry along with a beautiful angel living with Autism.  On this great day designated to raise Autism awareness, those showing their support sport blue and I am following suit.

Goodness knows I'd paint myself blue if it meant more people would educate themselves on what Autism is and the fact that it now affects 1 in every 54 boys- and like most conditions- each person's experience with it is different.  My son is turning 7 next month and still being almost non-lingual his daily anguish has to go unsoothed by his mom who would do anything to know how to make his world less confusing and frustrating for him, but as of yet he can't tell me what it is that is causing him so much emotional or physical pain.

I'm not saying that every single family that has an uncontrolled child with them sitting next to you in a restaurant, behind you in church or in front of you in line at the grocery store is dealing with Autism...but whether they are or not- show some compassion and maybe judge a little less, resist making rude comments, give a little love- and regardless of whether the family you've shown kindness and acceptance to has an Autistic child or not- you will have made that family feel less alone and grown your heart.

I also want to publicly thank all the unsung heroes that dedicate their lives/professions to helping those like my little munchkin have more fruitful days and being able to have mainstream experiences.  Bless your hearts filled with patience.  I know it takes an abundance!

The mani I wanted to create for today is inspired by the fact that sometimes the day-to-day difficulties of caring for a child with Autism feels a little like gritty, unfeeling, hard, concrete gray, but you have those lucky moments with your child where the undeniably glorious, brilliant, blue shines through the dark tunnel it feels like you're in together :)

This is my dedication to my unique, brilliant Bug:

The colors used here are Orly Sea Gurl and Sweet Peacock.  Give your babies extra kisses today :)

Over and Out

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