Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/23/2013

Well this last week we made a new residence home sweet home and so it's been crazy but we're definitely happy to be here.  A few views from inside our place:

Here's a close-up of the painting pictured in one of the above photos- an anniversary present from my honey-boo-boo who knows me so well.  This pic I took of it is in poor lighting and positioning and does not do the painting justice.  Was finally able to get it up on the wall so I can stare at it all day :) *Happy Sigh*

And a few of the little monkeys "helping" with all the unpacking and organizing that's slowly taking place :)

Big girl using utensils...time is flying too fast for mommy!  You feelin' me on that one ladies?

One of the only pictures mr. energy would hold still enough for me to take this week.

Here's mid-acrobatics on the couch again per usual... His elongated position over the couch makes him look like Smeagol- according to his brother- but don't worry, it's just his sweet Cirque Du Soleil-like skills and positioning makin' his ribs look that exaggerated.   

A real trendsetter...always coming up with new ways to incorporate undies into the ensemble.

That's us this week!  Hope yours has been truly blessed.  We are blessed for having you in our lives =D  Love and peace to you.  Until next week,

Over and out.

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