Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/3/2013

I have such a fun post today.  This weekend we wanted to find something fun for the kids to do while we were out running errands cuz I don't know about you- but this is what I hear when it's time to leave the house..."oh no, can I please just stay home??"  So in an effort to make the outing more appealing we decided to make a scavenger hunt of it.  I looked at a few ideas and then kinda tailor-made it for the locations we were going to make stops at :)  There were 30 items on the list, and in order to "win" we had to get pictures of us performing at least 20 of them!  Here's the items we succeeded in checking off our list:

1) Two members of the team licking an ice cream cone.

Wait, I kinda like this guys...


2) Rolling down a hill.

3) Going down a slide backwards.

4)  Hanging up-side-down from monkey bars.

5) Standing beside a motorcycle. (This is always the face of choice when it comes to posing lately).

6) Standing beside a bright red car.

7) Creative modeling with Easter candy.

8) Talking on the phone in a phone booth.

9) Posing with a statue.

10) Jumping on a giant trampoline. (BTW Sky Zone is so cool - and perfect for my misters).

Check this dude out!


11) Driving a car arcade machine.

12) Posing with a mannequin.

13) Being covered up by stuffed animals.

14) Stargazing

15) Pointing at a mall map.

16) Doing something silly on an escalator. (This is nose-picking face).

17) Take a picture with a fountain.

18) Pet an animal.

19) Sit in a field of flowers.

20) Balancing something on your head.

21) Pushing your parent in a shopping cart. (Woot woot, one extra credit task).

So, in case you were wondering, this was a big hit!  It made the ritual of groaning and moaning during errands disappear and we made some fun memories while we were at it.  There were nine other items that were not favored by mr. bear and so we didn't do them, like getting your face painted, riding an animal, taking a picture with a salesperson named "John"- and more extroverted things of the like :)

Hope you enjoyed hunting with us.  Love to you all :) Until next week,

Over and Out.


  1. How fun are you, Mama!?!!! That was awesome. MAYBE I will attempt that with my own kiddos sometime. HUGS!

  2. Thanks Trace :) You definitely should- and take lots of pics! Hugs to you