Monday, April 8, 2013

Brownie Points for Stamping?

Ok so as you know, I don't stamp that often mostly because I'm embarrassed at how horrible I am at it still...but that's probably due to the fact that I never stamp.  It's all a cycle I know- and just like anything else, if you want to get better you have to practice.  I titled this post brownie points for stamping because of the delicious dark brown from L'oreal, Brownie Points is the base color for this mani with Color Club Winter Affair as the stamping polish.  So, no I'm not really looking for brownie points :)

I also tried something different that I hadn't tried before: instead of using a full nail stamping image, I used one of the smaller images one a plate and placed it in different locations along the nails.  I kinda liked this method because it meant that all the nails could be slightly different and it made it just a tad less obvious when I didn't get the image placed exactly right.  Honestly that is the most difficult part for me- is eye-balling exactly where to place your stamp down at.  Anyway I hope this inspires you to try something fun and that you have a jolly day!

Over and out.

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