Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching: 4/27/2013

Ten more little treats today.

Sinful Colors Thimbleberry is a dark salmon/coral and is perfect for summer.  I can see sporting this on my toesies.  This is two creamy coats with easy application. A.

Sation You're My Laquer Charm is a sweet coral/pink with a subtle shimmer.  This collection from Sation had a lot of jellies and this was more of a cream/jelly combination- or "crelly."  This is three coats for opacity...almost. Super sweet and fun.  A.

Color Club Sparkle and Soar is from the Take Wing Collection full of glass fleck polishes that are absolutely gorgeous!!  I love me some orange polish and this one is so multi-dimensional- just look at it! :)  The only bummer about these fleck polishes is they are a messy clean-up.  They leave your fingers all sparkly, which isn't altogether horrible of course, but it does make it hard for swatching because your fingers are rather gleaming all over your cuticles and such.  Even with the lingering shimmer I can't give this polish any less than an A.

Milani Good Morning Sunshine is a frosty medium gold polish.  This is two coats, but could probably have gone with three to get it completely opaque.  I found this in a clearance bin so I'm not quite sure if it'll be easy to track down if you just have to have this one- but there are plenty of great golden frost or metallic polishes that I would probably grade higher than this one like from Color Club and Barielle.  I give this polish a B.

NYC Apple Fizz is a real beauty.  Creamy spring green, and fresh out for this 2013 Spring, this green applies evenly in two coats and has been great for nail art so far.  Loove it!  A.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Co-Bolt Blue is to die for.  This is one gorgeous coat.  That's why this brand is brilliant.  Look at the dimension and you get it all in one little coat.  Easy peasy, fast n lovely for days when you really don't have too much time but you still want showstopping nails. A.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Lav-endure is a new brand to me.  For the price, the bottles weren't as big as some brands so I hadn't tried them yet, but I picked up two and here's the first look at it.  This is two coats and the dainty pale lavender was smooth and easy to apply.  Still not really in my favorite ten brands, but I wouldn't balk at trying it again :)  Besides, this color is so lovely isn't it? A.

Sation I'm So Ogre It is a delicious gray cream from their Candylandia collection that I picked up almost in entirety because it offered such a wide, fun range of shades.  This is two creamy coats, less jelly than the rest from the collection which suited me just fine.  A.

Sinful Colors Stardust over Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth was such a delicious combination!  Swatched by itself, Stardust is rather obnoxious I think because it doesn't have a clear base but put over the right purple or even blue maybe, and it was stunning.  I didn't take it off for a few days which makes glitter hard to remove, but it was worth it.  I simply love this one.  This was almost my A+ polish, but since it's not too great on it's own, I downgraded it slightly.  A.

AEngland Tristam is a polish I had on my wishlist for a while.  Do you find yourself getting lost in the gorgeous abyss that is Tristam?  AEngland is such a fabulous brand, and you do pay a bit more for the quality, but I have never seen a polish swatch of one of their polishes I didn't love- so you run a pretty good bet with them.  I loove loove this one and hope to aquire more of it's sisters before too long... A+

Here's hoping you get some polish out lovelies!  Show off your gorgeous long fingers that do so much for everyone else!

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Over and out.

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