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Movie and a Mani: Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Hey it's time for another movie review.  I had so much fun putting together the last look and review that I went ahead and done it again :)  This time I picked a movie I hadn't seen before, and I picked an action/adventure to boot.  The movie of choice is Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.  The most I knew about this movie was that Mr. Bear liked it- but I have to admit, I wasn't paying any attention when he and tdawg were watching it.

Ok so this film is another jam-packed with interesting actors(mostly among the adult characters).  Let me run it down for you:  Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman, Rosario Dawson, Kevin McKidd (Gray's Anatomy...mmmmm....), to name a few.  The craziest casting I thought was Pierce Brosnan.  I know he used to be James Bond, but his role really surprised me...just watch it- you'll see :)  The kiddo who played Percy was pretty much unknown to me but he was great.  He was no Peeta from Hunger Games...sorry to you who thought the casting was good for his part in that movie- but Logan Lerman is totally believable and engaging.

So basically, again without spoiling any of the cliffhangers of the film for you, this family-friendly film is about a teen boy who's always felt out of place and comes to find out that he's actually a demi-god (kinda like Hercules).  After he learns that news, he finds himself on a hero's quest of salvation and it's your classic coming-of-age tale.  Even though I don't always reach for the action/adventure pics, I found myself completely entertained throughout the film.  It steadily moved through the plot points and didn't have a lot of dead space, which I liked because I have a tendency to lose focus.  The visual effects were spot on.  I think this would be great to see if 3-D if you can handle that sort of thing(which I can't) but a lot of the shots looked like they really lent to in-your-face action.  A little bit on the down side of things, there were a number of places that felt rather cheesy- in the writing and perhaps plot elements but perhaps the adaptation from novel to screen was a difficult one.  I did however feel after watching the movie that the novel would be a fun read for the little munsters and I so that's a credit to the film.  If you care to give the trailer a look-see here's a link to that:

Today's movie-inspired mani is a skittle of different fun images from the film.  I won't explain all of them to you- you'll have to do a little treasure hunt through the film for them, but I bet if you use your imagination you can formulate a few ideas of what these items are on each nail.

The base color here is Revlon Emerald City which is a gorgeous shimmer matte suede green.  It felt more manly to use a matte polish, so I covered each design in a matte top coat in the end as well.  As I look at it now, it does seem a little less pow than it was forming on the nails because of the matte I think, but I mean the movie was gruff and rough and full of fighting- even the chicks couldn't have gotten-by without going for a tougher nail lacquer option, so I guess it's fitting.  The rest of the colors used are polishes, not acrylics and I used so many to achieve each little detail and blending that we'll just skip mentioning all of them.

Nail Art in the Movie
So there was no nail art in this movie...although there should have been!  Athena totally should have been rockin some fantastic blinged gradient :)  But alas!  Perhaps my next movie and a mani will have some nail art in attendance.

Additional Review from Unnamed Male Source
"I found it very entertaining.  It was a great film for teens and those who are still young at heart alike.  The cinema-graphics were very well done.  It was actually a very good film.  I would give it
3 1/2 stars out of 5."

That's it- there you have it.  On the whole I recommend this film.  It was great to watch with youngsters, my 8-year old was totally into it, and due to the presence of a strong female warrior in the main characters I think young ladies would be able to relate to it as well.  Go pick up this one for a family movie night and I think you'll be glad you did :)  And do your nails ladies!  Do em up nice n' tight!  :)  xoxoxo to all yar cuties

Unrelated to this movie- Song of the Day

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