Friday, April 19, 2013

Time for Something Sweet

Hola Chicas!  
So with all these pretty, pastel/dainty/sweet polishes emerging for spring, I couldn't resist trying out a design I've seen floating around.  If you want a video tutorial of how to achieve this look, I found one for you at  Her channel is FULL of great tutorials and inspiration for you if you're looking for some more new ideas and she has a great style of editing that is concise and easy to follow.  The way she did her cupcake mani employs a more uniform color scheme but I had too many sweet little pastels to try out so I couldn't limit myself.  If you recreate this look, make it your own and just have fun with it cuz that's definitely what this nail art is about :)

A lot of the polishes used in this look came from the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush Collection but there are some additional shades needed to get the contrasting darker shades to go along side the pastel counterparts in the cupcake paper.  Hope you enjoyed this look and that you indulge in this sweet treat that will have absolutely no affect on your waist :)

On a completely different note, I am in love with this song full of perfect harmonies, rhythms, and this man sings like an angel!  Ugh, just listen to those instrumentals!  Loove me some Two Door Cinema Club! Make sure you listen through til at least 0:39 for the pow and then 1:09 for the pow pow before deciding anything about this song ;)  Hmm, this music is the stuff that fills my lungs and breathes life and passion into my being.  Delish!

Over and out.

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