Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Going Up?

Ok so this was a pretty random look for me.  I started out with a couple coats of the delicious Basking in Gloria by Nicole by OPI from the Modern Family collection and I wore it out for my anniversary dinner the other night.  When I got home I decided it wanted to have some fun so I painted some black lines going horizontally across each nail.  The next morning I asked my little 8-year-old (as I sometimes do for the interesting creative notions) what he thought it was missing.  He said- why don't you make it like an elevator at a different level on each nail.  I couldn't resist.

The black paint is Milani Black Swift and as you can see the man on the thumb is ascending progressively until he is almost completely out of sight on the pinky finger.  :)  Don't you love the magic of a child's mind?  Too fun!  Hope you enjoyed this playful look.

Over and out.

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