Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/10/2013

Hey guys and dolls.  Here to fill you in on what's up with us this week.  First off I want to say a big "I LOVE YOU" to my hubby- it's our third anniversary today and we celebrated with a good old fashioned night out at a murder mystery dinner!! And of course the ever spoiling of the wife with gifts(by the husband) and the tormenting of the husband with silly inside joke gifts(by the wife).  That's just how we roll yo!

Here's our night out.  We had such a blast!  And it was crazy fun to get all dressed up and not have to worry about our get-ups bein mussed by sweet little (messy) hands :)

 (note the completely coincidental evidence of Bug's constant acrobatic spirit with his headstand going on in the back of this picture- and if you know Bug- you know it's not for the camera, that's just how he likes to hang out).

 What a great night! And something we won't soon forget.  So often we just end up having the old standard date nights of dinner and a movie but this really was unique and we laughed the whole night.  If you are in the Sacramento area and want to hear more about this event shoot me a line.  Heh heh, get it?  Thanks hun for settin this up  xoxo

The rest of the week went pretty much as usual...nothing too out of the ordinary to report.

Interesting finds in the toy room- I love little boys and the interesting way their minds work sometimes all the time :)

Little sis is wanting to try absolutely everything on these days- no matter who in the family it belongs too.  She kept these undies on for quite a while :)

 And yes, she is cracking up at something here- maybe it's the fact that she sneaked a chocolate cookie and the evidence is still on her person but she don't care muahahaha!

Mr. Bug up to his usual acrobatics- his much preferred way to use the ipad.

And Mr. Bear in about the only picture he would let me take of him this week.  He is already very image conscious and will hates anytime he sees me point the camera his way.  I have to be sly and count to 3 and then take it on 2....- bad mommy =p

That's it!  Short and Sweet.  Love to you all and I wish we weren't all so far apart, but hopefully this wrap-up helps you feel more connected to our family.

Over and Out

P.S.- join me tomorrow for a new segment I'm going to be featuring here on the blog- Movie and a Manicure.  You'll have to come back to see what that's about :)

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