Thursday, April 11, 2013

Got the Measles?

This look was so fun to both create and wear.  I didn't start it thinking I was creating a "measles" manicure but that's what it looks like to me now that I see it after the fact.  The first time I saw nail art like this I thought- "how the heck did she get her circles so round freehanding that?"  But, aha- it's easy peasy just using a dotting tool.  This look was created using three of the shades from the Color Club Fiesta Spring 2013 collection- Flamingo as the base, with Sunrise Canyon and Wild Cactus for the dotting technique.

So as you can see more clearly in this picture- you start with your base color.  Then you put dots of different sizes all over the nail using any other contrasting color (and you can create an accent nail with another polish on one nail as I have done if you like).  Then taking up your base color again, place smaller dots just inside the dots you have already made and your manicure will look like you have little circles all over your nails.  Only in certain angles can you see the raised texture of the two dots on top of each other like in this picture.  Hope you try this and let me know how it turned out for you.

Over and Out.

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