Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up Especially Wedding: 7/10/2013

It's photo time!  Time to take a look at what we've been doing all week.  Honestly this will be picture heavy but that's because I had the great pleasure of attending my brother and new little sister's wedding and I(and some proxies whilst I was chasing Mr. Bug) took bazillions of pictures.  Welcome to our world and here we go!

 So here are the little sweethearts as they first left the temple.  I have never seen my brother as happy as he was for this entire day- grinning from ear to ear.

 Mother and son embracing just outside the temple.

 Cherise had three sets of grandparents with her at the wedding.  What a sweet picture.  I didn't even take half of these pictures because I was chasing a little runaway bug, and when I found them on my camera I was so happily surprised and this was one that instantly made me emotional.  It is so stinkin sweet!

 Anson, Cherise, Best Man Wyatt, his wife Breanna, and their little angel munchkin :)

The Papa side of the family that was able to attend the wedding.  I guess my camera wasn't able to catch the relatives from the Jenkins side that were able to turn out to support the newlyweds, but it was about twice this size! :)

 This is the immediate Papa relatives and looks like only Anson and I got the message of what to do in this picture...

 Ok, I guess this was what we were supposed to do, hug the bride and groom.

 Just Mom, Dad, newlyweds, and siblings.  From top left moving clockwise we have Cyril, Cedric, Oliver, Tyrus, Rhett, Tiffany, Mom, Cherise, Anson, Dad, and Myself.

 Newlyweds with Mom and Dad Papa

All the proud parents

 Another sweet shot :)

 Best Man Wyatt Sorenson

 Doin' what they do best!

 So darling!

 Ahem =D  This one's so great!!

 Gotta have the sass

 More great photos of the groomsmen.  My proxy photographer took so many of them with my camera...well they are all so very good looking, you have to admit :)

 Anson might have been pictured out.

 And then this happened...

 Grandma and Rachelle got matching hats because Grandma needed some protection from the sun.

 Rhett and his awesome sons :)

 My cuties, you all know them by now.

 Rhett's wife Marshelle and their daughter.

 Their whole cutie pack

 She's an important lady now.

 Oh no Mom- not a kiss!

 This guy didn't have kids with him on this trip so he had plenty of time for this...there were like 100 more on my camera that someone(probably Oliver) took, and I posted the most flattering one :)  You're welcome bro

 Then we went to dinner with the whole wedding party.

My road trip buddy to and from the wedding in a day and a half.

 Our cookie table at lunch

 My sweet boy stopped frowning for pictures during the Summer somehow!! Hallelujah!!

Mom, her brother and sister- Aunt Connie and Uncle Lee

 When we arrived at the reception we were greeted by a video montage that a friend of Cherise put together that was so sweet and special- filled with pictures of the newlyweds and an interview video of each of their take on their love story.

 (somebody insert appropriate caption here).  Best one gets a prize :)

 Next when you enter the reception you sign in and admire the wedding cake.

Then of course you go through the receiving line.

 And have some delicious cake.

 My table enjoying the spoils of raiding the dessert table.

 Grandma and one of her little ladies dancing.

 Bear and his cousin Megan.

 My eldest niece created this hair for her little sister and it is crazy amazing!  Props Rachelle.

 Next the sweethearts cut the cake.  Carefully.

Here's what happened next: play-by-play

 Meanwhile, outside we had some mischief-makers decorating the newlyweds' car.

 Back inside it was time for their first dance as husband and wife :)

 Cutest couple ever.

 What a pro!

 I love the look on Cherise's face in these two pictures.  They were both so happy all day and it surely showed on their faces!

 Best part of this picture is the kids' reactions behind them...we have yawns and boredom.  Guys, not more kissing part!  How bout' a Spongebob skit!?!

 Cherise and her father, Anson and his mother.

 I thought this one was sweet- my dad patiently waiting to escort my mom back to her seat.

 Pretty soon it was time for the bouquet and garter toss.  I missed Cherise throwing the bouquet, but here's the garter removal and the winner of the toss right below.
 Anson's nephew :)  What a cool dude!

And here's how you know it's time for the party to be over.  If you made it through to this last picture you are sure a trooper.  Hope you enjoyed being at the wedding vicariously through this photo roll and here's a few bonus picks of little Bee if you wanna see what she's been up to:

Lol, yep that's it.  Mostly watchin' tv in her Dora chair.  Just kiddin- I just haven't really been bustin out the camera this week- I'm a t-shirt factory instead- getting ready for our family reunion coming up.

Hope you've all had a great week.  Thanks for stopping by.  We love you!

Song of the Day: Kyu Sakamoto-Sukiyaki
Go ahead- listen to the song- you know you want to.  You can just leave it on while you do the rest of your online browsing :)

Over and out.


  1. What a great picture montage. It sure was a beautiful day for pics at the temple. Congratulations to Anson.

  2. Thank you for the amazing picture display! We love them! We love seeing everyone's happy faces at the wedding! ~ Cherise and Anson

  3. Beautiful pictures! Both of them look very cute together. Is that the wedding venue behind? It looks amazing, I have also shortlisted a few San Francisco wedding venues for my sister’s wedding which is this year only and we all are super excited for her.