Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching: 7/27/2013

Welcome back, it's time to review 10 more lovely polishes at random(except for the last which will be my featured polish of the week).

Red: Sally Hansen Insta Dri Speedy Sunburst is really more watermelon than red in this picture, but she's repping today, so that's that.  Insta Dri polishes are really top notch for giving you lots of color payoff in practically one coat every time.  This one's no exception.  She is lovely and a little tangy don't you think? Perfect for Summer or any time of year if you like to keep it poppin' like me!  This is two coats and smooth as butter.  A

Pink: CoverGirl Boundless Color Fuchsia Girl is a practically vintage bottle of polish now, she's been with me since the days when peeps only wore reds, roses, and pale pinks on their nails.  She is still goin' strong! Granted, I don't pull her out that often, but talk about long-lasting polish.  The color isn't really my cup of tea these days with so much else to choose from, but it has a great formula and I'll give it a B+

Orange: Sinful Colors Clementine is another perfect-for-Summer shade and holds up to the Sinful Colors reliability of their creams-easy to work with, and smooth in two coats.  Definitely a great shade- not too Halloween-friendly so it's good to go for your tips or your toes in these hot months we're having.  Love it!  A

Yellow: Cosmetic Arts Sunflower(the name I gave it when it didn't come with one) is what you want in a yellow cream!  Not picky or finicky, easy to maneuver and not streaky!  Yay :)  This is two coats and I find the shade bright yet soothing at the same time.  Solid A.  I was glad to stumble across this brand.

Green: Avon Garden Green is another in their glass shimmer collection.  The bottle shot and a few of the nails show the subtle blue shimmer that runs throughout this polish.  It's a very serious green in my opinion, but once you add the blue shimmer, it's a whole other story :) Which I love!  A.

Blue: Amour Big Dipper Blues is kind of a funky blue for me.  It lies very flat for sure, not matte, but just not overly creamy in my opinion.  It's a dusty blue and it's almost like the dustiness is trying to swim out at me. Ok, I'm trippin' now, but ya this shade is kinda kookie.  This is two coats and I'm going to give it a B- when there are so many spot on blues out there right now.

Purple: OPI Planks a about spot on!  Sigh, this color is divine.  As with every cream from OPI that I have the pleasure to call my own ;)  Dusty lilac mmmm.  You're looking at two coats, and easy to apply.  So lovely.  A.

Neutral: Julep Alaina is another super smooth lady.  I have a number of these taupe/gray creams now, and while she's not my favorite formula and application, she's nearly there.  The nice thing about Julep polishes- if they aren't perfect on the first coat, they're easy to even out on the second.  A

Glitter/Texture: Orly Right Amount of Evil over I'm not sure what...sorry.  But just to be clear, the polish is a topper.  This one was just ok for me.  It's sheer jelly base it's kind of a nutter shade.  I had to fish for these glitters, but I do like that it has hexes, bars, and tiny shimmers :) I guess the name implies it's a Halloween color, but still- I think I need to play with it a bit more to find just the right polish to layer it over.  B-

Featured Polish: Pure Ice Starry Night is such a strange name for this goddess of a polish cuz that's the last color I think of when I see the word night, but oh well- it has too many good qualities to fret about the name.  First of all the green cream is perfection in a shade.  I love love it- especially for Summer!  But it also has subtle shimmer.  I mean come on!  This looks very smooth on, but I had to play with it a little bit to get it even.  However, I am too in love with the shade to falter it's score.  It's an A+ baby!

Well that's it.  Any of these get an A from you?  Let me know in the comments below which was your favorite!

Song of the Day: CocoRosie- We Are On Fire
*disclaimer- these songs are suggested for their audio, and not video content*

Over and out.

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