Thursday, July 4, 2013

Movie and a Mani: Upside Down

I know I've been somewhat MIA for a few days but I've been busy, busy, busy getting ready for Summer events/activities.  This weekend I'll be heading out to my little brother's wedding and then we have a family reunion soon after that.  Exciting stuff!  Today we have another movie review.  I know it's almost tomorrow...but what the hay.  The film up for review is at Redbox right now and I had not heard of it, but I'm glad I gave it a chance.  Here's a pic from the film Upside Down:

Cool huh?  This shot is a good representation of the film because there is so much visually-stunning cinematography to enjoy in Upside Down.

The lead roles are Eden, played by Kirsten Dunst (Spiderman, Mona Lisa Smile, Bring it On, and Wimbledon to name a few), and Adam, played by Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe, One Day, Cloud Atlas, and 21).  I felt they both did a fine job with their characters and they were joined by supporting actor Timothy Spall who was the only other person familiar to me in this film (from work such as the Harry Potter films, and Enchanted).

So to give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to rent this film, it's basically about a boy and girl from "opposite sides of the tracks" so-to-speak.  However, they actually live on mirroring worlds but met at a place so elevated on both of their planets that they can almost touch- as the still from the film shows above.  They get to know each other over the years, but their friendship is forbidden since people are not supposed to mix between worlds- especially forbidden is for a person from the lower world(Adam's) to try to have anything to do with the people from the upper and more affluent world(Eden's).  Eventually they are separated and Adam is led to believe that Eden has died.  When he chances to catch a glimpse of her years later, what ensues is their efforts to be together despite the odds.  It's a very familiar tale, told in a very unfamiliar sphere.

Some of the very first shots of the film inspired this look.  The cinematography is beautiful and a few things are depicted: the duality of the two worlds living right above/below one another, and a gorgeous snowy landscape where Adam and Eden meet.  What I came up with was this look:

The base color is Can't Find My Czechbook from OPI and I made a gradient using that and It's All About the Glam from Nicole by OPI.  The mirror images on top of the gradient depict how the two worlds mimic each other- with one being brighter(wealthier) and the other darker but still beautiful.
Here's Can't Find My Czechbook on it's own:

I can recommend this film to you.  It is a Science Fiction/Romance and those don't come around that often.  If you're in the mood for something that makes you say "hmmmmm," then you might wanna pick this one up. The main idea behind the lovers' romance is very familiar to all, but what you will find new and intriguing is the way the film uses computer graphics to depict epic landscapes, adventure and suspense in other-worldly places- supporting a love story in a universe from your dreams.  I hope if you check this film out you let me know what you thought of it as well.  I don't have another review of it for you, so you're just going to have to take my opinion of it today ;)

Song of the Day: Scenic- Another Sky

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  See you in a few days :)

Over and out.  

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