Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching 7/7/2013

Well I'm back from my trip- lots of wedding pics to come on Wrap-up Wednesday, and I know I'm a day late for random swatch spam, but here it is anyway because I love these posts- they help me remember the little gems hiding in my collection.

Red- Julep Petra is a rich red shimmer, that wishes it were a foil.  It has a lot of dimension- and if you look at the bottle shot, you can see the wanna-be foil with silver texture, but it doesn't quite pull it off.  She is a really beautiful polish, but for me it's not really a stand-out among her sister reds.  I give her a B.

Pink- NYC Spring Tulip came from a very small Spring 2013 release but every color in that offering is divine.  This one is no exception- look at how smooth and creamy it is in two easy coats.  This is a coral/pink cream and I give it an A.

Orange- Spoiled Shrimp on the Barbie is not quite orange, but it's acting as such today.  It's more of a gold/coral hybrid foil, and thus- mixing coral and gold you today, at least.  This is a really interesting color, and this is an older swatch where I'm not giving you great color representation, but it really is a gold/coral foil and very unique in my collection.  The formula is mostly ok and so for its interesting factor I give it a B+

Yellow- Sinful Colors This is It is a rather opaque gold shimmer with tiny holo specks.  This is three coats to get the level of opacity you can see.  I just like this color;  it's not quite a love affair.  I do enjoy the random sparks of holo glitter, but I only give this polish a B.

Avon Divine Lime, is such a gorgeous bright spring green with and abundance of flaky glitter.  The formula was kinda sticky and a pain to even out I'm sorry to say, because I really love this color!  I guess when you combine those two factors I can only give this polish a B, but I wish I could do better- just look at the bottle shot!

Blue- Zoya Wednesday is a rather blue/green/gray cream.  Sorry for the nick on one nail, but otherwise the picture demonstrates that perfect formula that you can pretty much expect from Zoya.  This is two smooth coats and is love.  A

Purple- Ulta Celebutante is a rich deep purple cream and I'll give you 5 guesses as to whether I am a fan of this color....Hello?? She is gorgeous!  The formula was on the better side rather than icky so that's good.  Overall this polish is fabulous.  A

Neutral- China Glaze Fast Track is one of my favorite colors ever, and I probably should have made it the color of the week, but hey, we'll just settle for second best.  It's a soft brown/taupe, with a TON of gold flakies.  This color is just epic because it takes a gorgeous neutral, basic, palate-cleanser and adds an element of fabulous!  Just love!  A

Glitter- Jordana LA City Nights over Bonita Rose Garden I think has the potential for fun because of the colors of the multi-colored glitter, but when I got it on the nail it was underwhelming.  Maybe it's how I paired it with the pink frost, but it's only just mediocre for me.  B

Polish of the Week- OPI You're Such a Budapest is a delicious pastel lilac cream and you're looking at two easy coats.  Color- perfection, application- perfection, wearability- perfection.  A+ color of the week :)

Hope you're all having a relaxing Summer weekend.  It's gorgeous outside today and we had an afternoon at the park playing in the sprinklers and running after the flocks of geese.  Hope you found a color in this week's lineup that sparked something inside you :)

The brands in this post can be found at the following locations:
Spoiled- CVS, Walmart
OPI- Ulta, local beauty supply stores
China Glaze- Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply,,
Jordana- Kmart, Walmart
Sinful Colors- Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
NYC- Kmart, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens

Ulta- Ulta
Zoya- Ulta

Song of the Day: Santigold- This Isn't Our Parade

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