Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Wrap-up 7/24/2013

Hey it's Wednesday which means lots of photos recapping what we have been up to for the past week or so.  This post is split into two main section- first is what the kiddos have been up to for the past couple of weeks.  Miss Bee here with us, and the boys with their dad and grandma and grandpa in Utah.  Let's see what went on:

Trying her hand at  new foods

And oh so cool at the same time
As you can see- being cool takes a lot of energy- so we have to replenish her tank

Now for the boys, pictures provided by Granny Pam:

Typical Bear:)

My little man

Yay big smiles, even while sorting major piles of legos

One of Bug's favorite past-times, as ever

Ahh, relaxation from my heavy work load of playing all day!

Grandma always has fun art projects for us!

Two cutiest buddies ever

Hikes and vistas!

Part II: Reunion

Of course there were games!

Grandma had a giant Bingo game with prizes for all the kids

Little chica got dirtier on this vacation than any other time in her life- what with unlimited access to
 all the art supplies(pen on face) and being surrounded by 
dirt(mommy forgot her shoes at the hotel)- she was quite a sight to see!

Then I found this stud out in the wilderness of the Twin Peaks

Yay Grandpa!

The whole gang!  Each family has it's own color t-shirt so you can see who goes with whom ;)

A completely spontaneous moment of goofiness...

Yep, we have some mission, but this Summer has been a wonderful opportunity to have lots and lots of quality time with Miss Bee.

Oh the humanity!

And the two who started it all!

What a great couple of weeks we've had!  So lucky that everyone made the effort to come together for a few days and so happy that our boys are having such a wonderful Summer!

Song of the Day: Actors- Still Parade

Over and out.

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