Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Wrap-Up 11/13/2013

Hello my shiny, happy people.  How is everyone today?  We are home from out trip- sorry about the lack of post yesterday.  We were actually down in socal looking for a house because my hubby is transferring there for work.  So, very exciting- but also crazy because it's going to be a whirlwind move in the next month.  While we were down there we really had a great time with lots of swimming and exploring and goofing around.  I don't have a ton of pics this week because I was constantly on my zillow app on my phone, but here's a few images of the shenanigans we were up to:
 Little lady wanted to wear dresses all week.

 But she did NOT feel like being ladylike.

 Mr. Bear indulged a dollar of his allowance on a chair massage at the mall :)  Epic facial expression here.

We found so many parks on our trip and this lady was being so brave and wanted to go on every slide face front- even the really high ones.  This particular slide ended in a nose dive for her efforts but we got right back up and ran back to try some more.

 We did a LOT of driving and the kids were being such troopers!


We had such sweet happy campers.  Mr Bear is always willing to help his brother, and Bug was so excited to be taking a trip.  That boy loves a new adventure that's for sure- especially when it involves hotels with pools and hot tubs!

 And then- when he's not in the pool he's in the next most-preferred location: the bath.

Each day was filled to the brim with excitement- we had this lady takin' as many power naps as she could get- and where's the best place to take a nap?? In Daddy's arms of course :)

Here's a comedic moment from right before we left- I'm working in the kitchen and I hear Miss Bee start to whine.  When I get over to check on her- this is what I find...

 Then it's like- oh you're taking a picture of me Mom?

So I guess this must be really funny...

She did not think the time-out that came directly after was very funny.  Just scroll back up to the first face of her on the cat tower and you'll get an idea of her feelings on the matter.

Well that was our nonsense from this week.  What were you up to this holiday weekend? Take any trips? Did you spend it with family?  Above all I hope you were safe and sound.  That's all from us.  We love you and miss you all!  XOXO

Song of the Day: Animal Kingdom- Strange Attractor
*this link is provided for its audio content only*

Over and out

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