Sunday, November 10, 2013

Textured French Tip

Happy Sunday my darlings.  I have a really classic look for you today, modernized by a divine textured polish from Zoya.  I really enjoy how this manicure is so pleasingly simple, but has a whole other dimension because it incorporates the textured polish trend.  Here's the look:

I just love how it's very structured and classic with the duality of the french tip and half moon.  Then you throw in a classic navy and a gorgeous champagne/silver glitter/texture(that's a mouthful) and you have a really great look that is wearable all the time!

Here is Zoya Sailor which is a gorgeous one-coater navy cream that I am in love with!  It almost appears to be leaning purple which is just too fabulous.

Also here is the textured champagne polish I used for the tips and half moons.  I mean it's love, right?  This polish is from their pixie dust release and Zoya really did the textured polish well.  They might have my favorite formula of this trend yet.  Hmmmm :)

Well that's it for today my lovelies.  I hope you have a fabulous Veteran's Day tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Ratatat- Loud Pipes
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Over and out.

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