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Saturday Random Swatching: 11/16/2013

How's it goin' lovies?  I'm glad you stopped by to indulge in some nail love with me today.  I have ten more swatchies for you in all the colors of the rainbow.  I'll tell you what I think of them and I'll show you my favorite polish of the week.  Let's get started
Julie G Sunset Kiss is this incredibly radiant red shimmer.  I know the Julie G bottles are kinda small(at least they seem so to me) and they aren't the cheapest polish in the drug store, but every color I've tried from her line(which has only been like three shades) has been great- formula wise and color payoff.  I really enjoy her line and if you haven't give it a try, you should :)  A

China Glaze Xtreme Thrash is from the Ski collection which came out over 6 years now so this little baby is practically vintage!  I actually really like orange-leaning reds.  This one has a nice smooth finish and application.  You're looking at two coats and I really loved this color.  A

This really soft and squishy pale rose is Barielle Gel-ous Lover.  Isn't she demure??  I love how delicate this is and would be flattering on absolutely everyone.  I don't have a lot of polishes this color in my collection because I'm more often painting designs with crazy colors and all that.  But- in between time when I might need a little break- this beauty would be a perfect palate cleanser.  This is two coats.  A

For my gold/yellow shade today I'm really fudging it because I don't have that many polishes in this category.  This is Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Copperhead which is a bronze/gold/green duochrome which is just so gorgeous.  I don't think I've ever met a duochrome I didn't like :)  This is no exception and as you can see I've layered it over black to help the color shift become more apparent.  Honestly this is not the MOST obvious duochrome out there, but it is still so lovely.  Duochromes are absolutely one of my favorite formulas to wear.  What about you?  A- just because it doesn't shift quite as much as the bottle makes it appear.

Avon Midnight Green is this very fine glitter/shimmer in a deep green shade.  Yumm I love this color so much and you know I'm such a sucker for greens.  I just love a really dark shade that glows from within.  It's almost magical, and this shade is really perfect for Fall and Winter.  Yay! This is two coats, and it has a smooth application as with most Avon shades in this line(not the speed dry formula).  A

It was love at first sight when I found a swatch of this little baby on another blog and it's one of the few polishes I've ever been like- I have to have that- and I actually go out and purchase it.  This is Essie Bikini So Teeny and honestly the formula on this radiant baby blue with subtle silver shimmer isn't the best which is why I don't own many Essie polishes(because I haven't had the best luck with their formula).  However, the color just really outweighs the issues with formula because I literally can't stand how beautiful this polish is! Who's with me on that one??  I think this is three coats because it had a hard time evening out as you can see.  A-

Nicole by OPI Make a Change is this really high-shine, intense purple with shimmer.  Can you see it?  This is crazy loud on the nail- so if you're looking for a purple to pack a punch- this may be the one for you.  Nicole by OPI recently put a bunch of their polishes on clearance at many retailers so it's like they're clearing out for a bunch of new shades which is great.  This is one that you may be able to find for just a few bucks as I did. This brand doesn't have a formula that I feel warrants the price tag it has, so I only ever pick it up if it's on a super sale.  You're looking at one coat- but now that I look closer, maybe I should have done two.  Anyway, I was glad I picked this one up.  A-

Now, in contrast, here is a brand that is always worth the price tag.  They have an impeccable formula and I've never regretted a Zoya purchase.  This is Zoya Dove, a really great medium-gray cream.  I don't have many Zoya polishes, because they aren't sold in any stores close to me and where they are they are rarely on sale, but they were just having a half-off sale on their "school spirit" colors online and I picked up a few.  This is just a really great neutral.  Love it.  A

Sinful Colors Black Magic over China Glaze Elephant Walk is from their 2013 Halloween display and just look at how interesting this glitter is...for a buck fifty too!  I just love the wearability of this glitter all year round, not just for the holidays because of it's epic combination of grayed blue microglitters with bright orange hexes.  This is two coats as a topper.  A

Sation Plenty of Frogs is my polish of choice for the week.  I know it's not a Fall color or anything :)  I never said I play by the rules.  I just really love this squishy sea green with its gold shimmer/flakies.  Doesn't it just look delicious.  This is from their Candylandia collection which is a really apt name because they're all these really sweet and fun shades.  This is three coats because you have to build up the crelly shades in this collection.  A+

Hey, I hope you had fun checking out these swatches with me!  So which was your favorite??  What else do you have on your plate today? Take care, be safe, and kiss your loved ones :)  See you back tomorrow for another nail art of the day.

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