Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching 11/23/2013

Oh hey there! You came to watch me play! :)  Today I'm pulling out 10 swatches from my "to post" file at random and we're going to look at the formula and color of each and I'll give you my rating on each.  Then you tell me which you liked the best.  Let's get started.

This standout red shine is Orly Torrid.  It actually has very intense micro shimmer but it's more visible in person.  This is two coats, and like most Orly polishes, the formula is easy, no fuss.  This one is just so sweet, it looks edible to me.  I give it an A.

For my pink shade today I pulled out China Glaze Pure Elegance which is this really gorgeous light pink sheer shimmer.  What you're looking at is three coats, so you have to really like sheer pinks to enjoy this shade.  Honestly it kinda threw me off when I started swatching just because you do have to use more product than a more opaque polish to get the coverage I like.  What do you think?  Is that an issue for you?  I mean it is very beautiful in its delicacy.  I suppose I rate it a B because it wasn't necessarily a bad formula, just not my cup of tea.

Ooook, this is pure love in a bottle- it's Zoya Dhara.  I know I may love textured polish more than the average nail polish enthusiast, but I mean how can you not love this sunburst in a bottle?  Zoya does the textured trend so perfectly.  It applies so nicely onto the nail, this is two coats, but you probably could do one.  The bright but deep orange paired with the flashy gold is just perfection!  A

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Plume is another of Sally Hansen's duochrome offerings.  I have to say, they did a pretty good job with their color-shifting polishes.  I compare them to the China Glaze and Models Own ones because I haven't tried the Chanel, but this is shifting quite nicely on my nail in this picture, and I didn't even layer it over black, which is a good trick to get your duochromes to reflect more color.  This is your gold/green combination and the formula was smooth and easy in two coats, which I also really appreciate.  A

Color Club Wild Cactus is this really vibrant aqua green crelly.  This color is just so delicious, but I do wish the formula hadn't been so flat.  This is two coats and I have to admit I removed this one rather quickly for fear of staining which is a shame because it is so pretty.  A-

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Breezy Blue is your super pale blue cream with subtle shimmer.  Honestly I wished the formula had been a bit nicer on this one- but really pale shades are sometimes hard to get even just in general, and for just a couple bucks that this brand charges, you can't really expect the moon :)  I do think the shade is really unique and so refreshing and lovely.  For that I give it an A-

This really lovely inviting polish is Kleancolor Plum.  You're looking at two coats and it's smooth and easy to apply.  This brand, as I've mentioned before, requires a considerable dry time between layers and after you've top coated as well.  They do call themselves clean-color so they must have removed a drying ingredient that wasn't health-conscious or something.  Anyhow, just keep that in mind.  I feel like this is a rather murky purple while still being really feminine.  A

Ulta High Roller is this crazy icy, gold foil that is good to go in one coat.  It's so vibrant, so eye-catching, and perfect for your holiday parties.  Just love it.  A

Butter London Shambolic was honestly a bit of a disappointment.  Let's just say I'm glad I didn't pay full price for this little guy.  I found him at a Nordstom Rack and just had to pick him up but I think I have nearly this same shade from Revlon, and the formula isn't sticky and frustrating.  I guess I don't really like these gold and pink glitters in the black polish base.  I don't know, what do you think?  I give it a B.

L'oreal Brit Invasion is my polish of the week because one of my favorite things in when a brand does really great things with a neutral.  Neutral polishes are so great because you can wear them with anything, anywhere.  Loreal took this yummy gray chocolate and inundated it with gold/green shimmer.  That bottle shot is something, but look how well it transferred to the nail!  I have to say, its even more impressive on the nail.  It's cozy, chic, and exciting all at the same time.  Love it.  A+

And there you have it.  Another week has flown by and there are ten more swatches for you to maybe help you decide what you want to wear on your nails this week.  Hope you're well and you're having a fabulous weekend!  I actually get to have a date with my hubby which happens once in a blue moon(what other parents feel me on that one?) and so I'm very excited!  Love to you, and see you back tomorrow for some more nail art.

Song of the Day: Daft Punk feat. Paul Williams- Touch
*this link is provided for its audio content only*

Over and out.

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