Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching: 11/2/2013

Happy Saturday to you all :)  If you're here you love polish and looking at random polish swatches for little colorful jewels that could spark some interest in new shades or brands.  Let's get started at the head of the rainbow.

This is a rather interesting color.  I'm sure I don't have much like it in my collection.  It's a really gorgous brick red aptly named Beau Brique from Sinful Colors.  I found this in a display at Walgreens recently and it may still be there among a number of Fall 2013 releases.  This is two coats and it was a nice application. A

Nina Tangerine Dream is a very creamy, orangey-coral.  I have yet to meet a polish by this brand that I haven't enjoyed.  The formula is always great thus far and while they don't have as much bravery with their range of polishes as say China Glaze, they do branch out a tad.  This is definitely a more tame polish, but still lovely. A

This lovely hot pink matte with subtle shimmer is Nicole by OPI Still into Pink.  It's really the perfect medium-to-dark pink and the matte shimmer was an added surprise/bonus.  This brand seems to be putting a lot of their polishes on clearance lately- maybe making room for a whole new line about to be released- hopefully :)  I found this little lady on half price which is always the way to go as far as I'm concerned.  This is two easy coats, evening out nicely as mattes often do on the second coat. A

Here's a yummy, creamy yellow by China Glaze called Lemon Fizz.  As you can see through the patchy nature of the finish, it does not have the easiest application.  It was thick and difficult to maneuver sadly.  I'm always looking for a great yellow cream, but unfortunately this is not it.  I enjoy the frozen lemonade-esque quality of this polish, but it just didn't turn out in the end.  This is two coats and I give it a C+

This lovely frosty olive green is Rimmel Rags to Riches and I just love it.  It's very unique in my collection and I love how it looks like liquid metal in the bottle and equally as interesting on the nail.  At two coats, this was easy to apply and I give it an A.

A while back a lot of brands were releasing duochrome collections, and Sally Hansen was not left out with it's Lustre Shine line of polishes.  This is Azure and I absolutely love her.  She is very like China Glaze's Want my Bawdy, but a little less violet.  She's not exactly duochrome, so I'll just call her a chrome.  As with most polishes with this "duochrome" finish, they look their best layered over black so this is two coats of Azure layered over one of black.  I love every polish in this line but I refused to pick more than one up at its original pricing of I think nearly 8 bucks, however these are on clearance at drug stores now if you want to get your hands on them.  A

This pale purple/pink is Julep Simone.  As you can see she is a nice, fresh cream and applied easily with two coats.  I don't have much to say about this shade.  I feel like it was released in every brand's Spring collection, but I'm glad because I love it.  A

For the neutral shade today, I give you one of my favorite China Glaze polishes- this is Elephant Walk from the On Safari collection a while back.  It's kind of a greeny gray isn't it?  I think it's totally unique and I just love it for it's ugly-pretty quality.  This is super smooth and easy to apply which makes it all the more fabulous.  A

Ulta Boogie Nights seen here over Ulta Taupe Drawer is a really lovely multi-dimensional, muli-colored glitter in a base of finely-milled tan/gold glitters.  This is a little more sophisticated than your every-color-in-the-rainbow-glitter because of the gold base.  I think it works really nicely for every-day wear because it doesn't look to young.  A

I rarely feature a top coat special effects polish, but this week I have Color Club Pearl-Spective over Color Club Chelsea Girl.  As you can see it's a mostly clear flakies coat and whichever color you layer it over it reflects pink and gold.  Honestly I probably wouldn't pick this up if I saw it on its own but it came in a collection I picked up at Ross for a couple bucks and I ended up being so glad they included it.  I think it's really gorgeous, especially layered over this blue.  I can't wait to try it using other color combinations.  There you have my A+ color of the week.

Did you find something you love as I did?  Hope you're having a great weekend and I'll see you back tomorrow :)  Pip pip cheerio!

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Over and out.

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