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Saturday Random Swatching 11/9/2013

Hey Peeps- Happy Saturday to you!  I am bringing you another 10 random shades today for your pleasure.  I'll tell you what I think of each one and you can let me know what your favorites are in the comments down below.  Also you can tell me what your favorite polish was this week.  Let's get started:

This bangin' shade of red is e.l.f. Smokin Hot.  This one is practically a one-coater but I did two just for the heck of it.  I really love this sweet, hot red shade, even though it's not really the season for it- I don't really care :)  You can find these polishes at and they're currently having a 40% off site-wide sale, but if you miss that one, they have a sale like every single week, so you just have to register and they'll email you with sales- lol don't you worry about that.  I loved this one.  A

Say hello to a textured polish from the Nicole by OPI Gumdrops collection.  This is My Cherry Amour and I didn't have another raspberry textured polish- or even a pink one so I was happy that this turned out to be so lovely.  I think you either love or hate textured polishes.  I love them for the most part- what do you think?  This is two coats.  A

To represent for orange today I have a random polish I received from an Ipsy subscription bag a couple months ago.  This is a really pigmented coral orange that is a one-coater- and that's what you're looking at- one coat.  This is Nailtini Mai Tai and I wasn't expect to love it so much when I looked at the bottle.  In fact I really enjoyed the formula which was the major contributing factor to my grade of this polish.  I feel like there are many many polishes in this shade and cream formula, but this one stands out for its formula.  A

For yellow/gold we have Maybelline Color Show Classic Camel which is from their Vintage Leather collection which if you've been reading my blog for a bit- you know how I feel about this line.  The formula is atrocious lol, like the worst.  I was able to get this one to lay down alright, and I usually really enjoy matte polishes, but they just went all wrong with this collection.  This bottle's only redeeming quality is that the gold/copper shade is pleasant.  I give this a B-

Zoya Tangy is this shimmer/duochrome sour apple.  What is really great about this polish is the duochrome properties which you can't even see in this shot- sorry- but it actually flashes slightly orange at angles which is so fun.  This is two coats, and as every Zoya I've ever met, it glides on beautifully- and it is a no fuss polish.  Love it :) A

This really brilliant blue is Avon Arctic Waters and it's such a bright, glow-from-inside-out polish.  As you can see in the bottle a bit- there's a really finely-milled shimmer throughout and it just barely shows up on the nails.  This one's nearly a one-coater.  Love it.  A

One of my favorite polishes ever is this beautiful duochrome that flashes purple, gold, and black- China Glaze No Plain Jane.  This polish comes from their New Bohemian collection which came out last Summer and I think it's the only China Glaze collection that I ended up picking every one up(after they were put on sale ofc lol).  Anyway- I just really love the duochrome finish and particularly this release.  Have you tried this finish yet?  A

Here's a brand of polish you can find for under 2 bucks at your local drug stores in the US.  I really only have tried 2 or 3 of these polishes just so I could try out the formula, and I only thought they were just ok.  This is Confetti Moonstruck and as you can see it is a taupe/brown cream- you're looking at 2 coats.  You know, I just like other brands better that are putting out lines at the same price tag that are lovelier.  I give this a B

Orly Fowl Play is so fabulous!! I mean come on- a vampy purple base with holographic flakies in gold, orange, and blue??  So wonderful- I should have featured this as my top polish this week, but I think I forgot how nice this one was until I was looking at my swatch while writing this post.  Gorgeous! A

So the polish I did choose for my A+ color because it just looks so eye-catching is Kleancolor Ocean Wave.  Look at this jewel-toned light blue foil- I absolutely love it.  The only thing about Kleancolor is you have to wait a while for it to dry- probably because they omitted an agent from their formula that makes the polish dry faster.  So maybe it's "kleaner" for your body, but you just have to be patient on the drying time. Also- you can find these polishes for a dollar on amazon- so that just makes a polish that much more fabulous when you don't have to spend a pretty penny for it.

And there you have it- 10 random pics from my swatched folder and my review of each.  I'm glad you stopped by today and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

Song of the Day: Phoenix- Long Distance Call
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