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Saturday Random Swatchfest 9/6/2014

Guys, I know I'm totally slacking with my blog.  Bah, I've been so busy starting my oldest with home school, trying to get an online class done myself, keeping up with my youtube channel, and then just the general craziness of running my house- something had to give and I guess it was my blog.  Oh, and of course the 31 day nail art challenge has been keeping everything even MORE busy...  I'm sorry but I'm going to flood my blog with a bunch of catch up posts today :)  We're going to start with the Swatchfest from yesterday!

If you'd like to watch the review on my channel you can do so here:  P.S. -there's a special guest running the swatchfest!

Let's look at the photos:
First up is China Glaze Santa Red My List which is a beautiful sweet red/silver that is pretty much a one-coater.  Absolutely gorgeous- this polish comes from the Happy Holiglaze Winter 2013 collection.  A

For pink I'm showing you Pussy Galore from the OPI Bond Girls collection.  This is a pale pink with lots of silver shimmer.  Obviously this is a textured polish, just like the rest from the collection.  I wouldn't say this is my favorite from the collection because I'm not really a fan of this shade of pink(or pinks in general) but the polish is definitely fun.  B+

This gorgeous orange/red is Revlon Brilliant Strength Inflame.  This is another one-coater but I've shown you two, per usual.  The application is smooth and easy;  I had pretty much no clean up here. This one's great and I found it for like a buck at Big Lots.  A

Next up I'm showing you China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.  This one is really sheer, probably needs a white base coat unfortunately.  I have shown it here at three coats with no white base.  This one is nice, but I think I'd choose another neon yellow over this one, such as Orly Glowstick.  C

For my green polish today I'm showing you Ageless Olive from Maybelline Color Show.  This was in the Vintage Leather collection which is a group of very matte polishes that had these flakes in them.  I actually really didn't like this polish lol, which makes me not feel too bad about showing you a limited edition polish.  This is a deep olive gray but it's not very flattering.  You really only need one coat on this one but I've shown you two.  C-

For blue I'm showing you Sally Hansen hard As Nails Frozen Solid.  This is two coats, and obviously it's not opaque... but I'm pretty sure even at three coats it wouldn't be opaque still.  I'd say pass on this little lady.  C-

This gorgeous orchid is Sinful Shine Spitfire.  A one-coater, this polish applies smoothly and easily. I love it and it's a perfect example of how great this line of polish is.  I've shown you two coats, cuz that's just how I do.  For two bucks, if you love purples, you'll love this one.  A

My neutral polish today is the divine copper from Revlon Brilliant Strength called Captivate.  What a great name for this polish :)  I love this one, even though I'm not particularly crazy about metallic polishes.  I've shown you two coats here but you really only need one.  A

For my glitter polish I'm showing you Orly Star Trooper.  What an interesting polish- I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I like it for how different it is.  I feel like Orly is one of the mainstream brands that tries to move a little more towards indie, which I like.  This is two thick coats, because I kind of had to patch it on.  B

For my A+ polish I'm showing you this divine emerald/forest green polish that is just packed with green and gold shimmer.  It is none other than China Glaze Glittering Garland from the Christmas 2011 collection.  This one doesn't stain but it's so pigmented.  If you don't have this one, and you love green polish, you're missing out.

And that's it!  All 10 polishes.  Which was your favorite, was it the same as mine?  What were you wearing and loving this week?  I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back next time.

Song of the Day: fun. Some Nights

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