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OCC Unknown Pleasures Fall 2014 and More!

Hi hunny bunnies :)  Today I have the Fall 2014 OCC Unknown Pleasures collection for you, live swatches and review.  I also have 5 polishes that weren't from this collection, that I just couldn't help but snag when I was shopping for the Fall polishes.  If you'd like to see live application, you can view that here:

Lol, I forgot that's the face I made for the video's thumbnail.  I'm pretty sure that face is saying- wow, I need more of these OCC polishes in my life.  Seriously people, this is like my new favorite brand of polish.  It's unfortunate that their line isn't very extensive, but I'd happily own every one that they have :)  Let's start out with the Fall Unknown Pleasures collection:
First up, let's look at Covet.  It's this warm, luscious tan cream that is a one-coater!  There are a lot of tans out right now for this season(OPI and Zoya) and I wish I had those to compare to this one, but I seriously feel that you should pick up this one if you're going to pick up any.  I bet the Zoya polishes are lovely though. I've shown you two coats here, but you really don't need more than one.

Next up we have the polish Dangerous which is just a lovely medium gray cream.  This one isn't anything that special, but if you need a great basic gray in your life then you may want to consider this one.  It fits in nicely with the rest of the collection and is a one-coater like the rest of them, however, I've shown you two.

Ooh, this is the divine Distortion which is a deep navy that is filled with subtle shimmer.  This didn't stain my nails at all which is something I really look for in deep blues like this one.  I've shown you two coats here without top coat and it's absolutely lovely.

One of my very favorites from OCC that I picked up is this incredible deep violet crelly called Pagan.  It looks so lovely on the nail and isn't so dark that it looks black on the nail.  This is so easy to apply and lies so perfectly on the nail.  I love it, and especially for this season.

Pagan has a sister polish called Technopagan which is the same basic color but it's actually a lustrous duochrome and I really wished I could have picked it up because I was totally into the shade but it was not in stock at unfortunately :(

The last (but not least) polish I have to show you from the Unknown Pleasures collection is called Poison. This polish is similar in formula and appearance to the deep navy.  However this is a blackened ivy green that is so sexy. This is another one-coater but I've shown you two.

As for the other polishes I picked up, we'll look at those now:
First I picked up this absolutely perfect teal that is definitely on the green side.  This does not stain even though it is so highly pigmented.  It's name is Chlorophyll, I'm not sure why ;) but I'm in love with it.  It's easy to apply and so creamy.  Another one-coater but I've shown you two.

 I had to pick up another purple polish, and I chose Electric Sheep which is a lovely orchid/lavender with silver shimmer running throughout.  This is simply gorgeous and I didn't want to take it off to keep swatching :)  I've shown you two coats.

This lovely pink that leans a bit coral is called Grandma.  I have to admit, I wanted to snag a pink and I chose this one because of the name :)  You only need one coat here(sensing a theme??) but I've shown you two per usual.  I really don't feel Grandma in this polish, but that's ok.  The name is really cute.

I couldn't not pick up this polish.  This is the remarkable Pool Boy which is a creamy, delicious sky blue that has made a name for itself already.  The reason is it's bright and beautiful and has a fabulous formula. However, I didn't come away feeling this was my favorite even though it's internet-famous, because I simply loved all the other polishes just as much!!  This is two coats.

Last up I'm showing you the incomparable Wasabi.  As you can see it's this super interesting green/yellow shade and surprise- it has an impeccable formula! :)  If you're into quirky greens, like I am, you will love this one.  Get It!  You won't regret it :)  Again, this is two coats.

And that's it!  What did you think about the Unknown Pleasures collection and which was your favorite?  Do you own any of these polishes, or are any of them on your wish list?  I hope you enjoyed this review and that you're having a fabulous day!  I'll see you back tomorrow :) xoxo

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