Friday, September 26, 2014

China Glaze Apocalypse Collection Live Application and Review

Hi Loves!! I have a really fun review for you today.  I've been looking forward to the Halloween collection from China Glaze for this year and I finally have it in my hot little hands.  It's made up of 6 polishes, but one is repromoted(Ghoulish Glow) so basically 5 new, fantastic shades/textures/formulas for Halloween!  If you'd like to see the video review done on the collection where you can see live application, you can do so here:

Ok, so I'm totally in love with all of these; let's take a look:
First up, one of my very favorites, this is the poison green with black specks all throughout and it's called But of Corpse.  This dries semi-matte and it pretty much a one-coater.  It does sort of crack at one coat when it dries so fast, so I'd definitely do two.  I've shown you two here and I really feel this is a showstopper from the group!  A must-have for me!

Another super cool polish from this collection is called Don't Let the Dead Bite and it's a solid two-coater.  The base of the polish is a little sheer but it's flesh-toned so it blends in with the skin.  There is tons of shiny red glitter in this polish and I wonder if they played with whether the glitter should be matte or not.  I really feel this polish is unique and perfect for the season!  It really looks like blood splatter.

This rich, deep copper glitter in a black base is called Getting to Gnaw You.  You can probably wear this at one coat because it's on the thicker side, but I've shown you two here.  I'm not quite sure what this looks like to me...maybe the dirt you'd have to dig your way out of if you were unearthing yourself from the grave!

Here's the best shot I could get of Ghoulish Glow because I'm not the best photographer- but obviously it glows in the dark :)  I wouldn't say it's better or worse than any other glow-in-the-dark polish I've tried though.

A sister to the green polish I showed you first, this is I Love Your Guts.  This has the exact same formula as the green, and has that same interesting metallic feel while still being matte.  These two are kind of textured feeling, which makes it even more interesting.  This is two coats.

Finally, they included a glitter in a clear base.  This is Rest in Pieces and there are micro black and orange glitters here, larger black and orange, and then orange bar glitters.  The orange is holographic so that gives it that little something special.  This is two coats.

I hope you found something here that you like!  Happy Early Halloween and I'll see you back next time!

Song of the Day: Francesco Yates- Call

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