Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Color Club Poptastic Collection Live Application and Review

Hey loves :)  I'm still trying to catch up here.  I have the Color Club Poptastic Summer 2014 collection for you today.  I put the video up last week on my channel where I show you live application of formula.  If you'd like to see that, you can do so here:

Let's see some pictures:
First up, we have Kapow!  It's the darker pink in the collection and it has some lovely very slight blue/silver shimmer.  Some of the others have a little stronger shimmer, but as with the rest this one is a great two-coater that applies easily.

Peace, Love, and Polish is a lighter pinky/peach with lots of golden shimmer.  This is one of the standouts of the group, in my opinion.  The combination of the gold and pink is such perfection.  This is two lovely coats.

The blue in the collection is this medium blue with tons of pinky/purple shimmer that really makes this polish look like more of a blurple shade.  It's called Bell Bottom Babe and I loooove it!  This is two coats.

They gave us this brilliant lime/yellow with light gold shimmer called Not-So-Mellow Yellow. Again, a perfect two-coater.  This is super bright and gives you no issues of a typical neon but gives you all the benefits.

Right On is the electric purple in the collection and it has that silvery blue shimmer.  A great, classic neon shade, this applies smoothly and evenly in two coats.  Love it.

To round everything up, they gave us this gorgeous orange packed with gold shimmer.  It's called Foxy Mama, and that it is!  You're looking at two coats and this is the another of the standouts in the collection, in my opinion.  

That wraps up the collection.  I hope you love it as much as I do!  I think it's fabulous and I wish I'd had it all Summer :)  You can snatch these at head2toebeauty.com. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you back next time.

Song of the Day: Coldplay- Paradise

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