Monday, September 22, 2014

Orly Sparkle Live Application and Review

Good Morning Babes!  Last week I put up a video version of this review of the Orly Sparkle Holiday 2014 collection up on my channel and if you'd like to check that out to watch live application, you can do so here:

This collection is comprised of 6 polishes are these are nothing if not sparkly!  Pretty much every polish has an element of glitter and holographic in it.

First up we have this gorgeous warm gold holographic called Bling.  This is two coats and it's perfection.  This dried semi-matte and is one of my favorites of the collection.

This pretty pink microglitter resting in a blue holographic is called Explosion of Fun.  As you can see, not really opaque at two coats, and it's rather thick so I wouldn't suggest a third.  I think this will make a gorgeous topper.

They gave us a glitterbomb called...Glitterbomb :)  I've shown it to you here over another polish- it's definitely a topper.  It has a clear base with micro holographic glitter and then hex glitter of every color in the rainbow.  This one is the real explosion of fun!

The other straight up holographic in the collection is the silver sister to the gold I showed you above and this one is called Mirrorball.  I love this one just as much as the gold.  It has a strong linear holographic pull.  This is two coats and it's perfection.

This lovely teal microglitter is called Steal the Spotlight.  It is also not quite opaque at two coats but it's wearable.  Inside the teal are these interspersed pink holographic hexes.

Last up is this super fun and quirky glitter called Tinsel that has micro red glitters, slightly larger red hexes and holographic green bar glitters.  These bar glitters are long and hairy and I would usually really dislike it but I think it's perfect for the holidays.  So fun!  This is a clear base and I've shown you two coats over Bling.

How do you feel about this collection, and will you be picking any of them up?  I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back next time.

Song of the Day: Chromeo- Jealous

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  1. Woo glitter galore! Love your swatches! I'm also usually not into bar glitters but Tinsel is really working for me. Still on the fence about Explosion of Fun and Steal the Spotlight but I'm probably gonna get the rest. Thanks for swatching! :-)