Sunday, September 14, 2014

L'oreal Gold Dust Live Application and Review

Hey loves :)  A few days ago on my channel I reviewed the 8 out of the 9 gorgeous jewel-toned texture polishes in the L'oreal Gold Dust collection.  These are divine and I whole-heartedly recommend them to you.  If you'd like to watch the live application so you can get an idea about formula, you can do so here:

First up we have Pop the Bubbles which is a silvered-turquoise.  I've shown you two coats here, but you can get away with one.  Just lovely.

Diamond in the Rough is a silvered-amethyst.  This feels so elegant; I love when a polish rides right in the middle of two colors.  There are a few purples in this collection; this one is the lightest .

Most of the polishes have silver glitter in them, but this is the only one where you can really see it well because the contrast is so large. This is a blackened teal called Hidden Gems and I've shown you two coats.

Rough Around the Edges is the "black" of the collection, but it has so much silver in it that it really looks more like a deep granite to me.  This is two coats.

Another purple in the collection, this time it's the deepest and it's called Sexy in Sequins.  I am so in love with this collection for all the purples, and this one has such a great mix of colors.  It's a deep violet but it has gold, green and fuchsia in there. This is two coats.

The Reign of Studs is so gorgeous!!  The most vibrant purple in the collection, this one really stands out from the rest as having the most pigment of the collection.  This is two coats, as with the rest.

This super chic silvered-gold is called The Statement Piece.  This is so classy and if you're looking for something soft and sparkly, pick up this gold that has those larger silver glitters in there.

I saved my favorite for last...this is Too Dimensional?  As you can see, it's that vibrant purple again, but it has a green/gold in there too that really makes this so different.  I've never seen anything like this one, and if you pick up only one, get this one :)

I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Sam Smith- I'm Not the Only One

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  1. This collection is so stunning! Because of you, I had to go get Reign Of Studs, which for some odd reason I didn't already have. I now have every color except for Diamond in the Rough, because I'm not a fan of that shade of purple, and Rough Around The Edges, cuz I already have enough textured blacks, and I'm not really a black polish wearer like that. You should eventually get I Like It Chunky! It's really quite beautiful and so appropriate for fall! Thank you so much for sharing:)

    1. yessss I totes need to pick up I Like It Chunky! It's on ma list, girl! xoxo