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Saturday Random Swatchfest 9/13/2014

I know, I'm getting this up a day late...again.  I'm really having a hard time keeping on top of this right now.  I think throwing homeschooling into the mix is really shaking up my schedule and I'm still trying to figure how to fit everything in.  If you'd like to watch the video edition(which is always more fun in my opinion) of this swatchfest, then you can do so here:

For red I'm showing you Revlon Colorstay Delicious which is a fabulous apple red.  This formula is perfection which made application a dream.  This is two coats.  A

Nicole by OPI Our Fuchsia's Lookin' Bright is our pink polish for this swatchfest.  Wow, this is a gorgeous deep pink that verges on magenta.  This also had a perfect formula and application was a breeze!  A

For orange I give you this delightful warm but soft orange cream from Sinful Shine called Mardi Gras.  This one had a little bit of a thick formula but applied easily enough.  The color is lovely.  A

This gorgeous gold holographic is China Glaze Angel Wings.  It's a bit of a green gold in comparison to other golds and the holographic element is divine.  This is two coats, just as the rest. A

Julie G Shimmer Island is heading up our green department for today.  I've shown you just two coats, and as you can see it's not quite opaque at just the two coats.  This is a green apple shade with tons and tons of gold shimmer.  B+

China Glaze Splish Splash is our blue polish this week.  What a gorgeous polish- this one is a treasure and if you love blues, you will adore this one.  It dries semi-matte and has some lovely shimmer.  This is two coats.  A

For "purple" I'm showing you Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Plum's the Word.  This shade looks rather more like a neutral to me than purple, but I've classified it as the latter because of it's name.  This is nice in two coats, even though it was a bit runny.  B+

Nearly the same color as the last, but a little more brown and deeper even, this is OPI Scores a Goal from OPI's Brazil collection.  A perfect two-coater- it's creamy and delicious.  A

For my glitter selection today I'm showing you Savina Gem Stones.  The vibrant blue and fuchsia glitters rest in a clear base.  There's nothing really outstanding about this polish, but it is sweet and fun, and I had no issues with application.  A

For my A+ polish of the week I just had a thing for this super sheer purple called Whisper.  It's from the Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect line.  I'm not sure if this has been discontinued as I picked it up on clearance a while back, but I really love how, just like the name, it's just a whisper of color.

There you have it.  Sorry again that I'm late with the swatchfest.  As I said, I'm trying to keep up with everything and some things have to give :)  Hope you're having a great day, and I'll see you back tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Class Actress- Weekend

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