Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wrap-Up Wednesday: 1/8/2014

It's Wednesday which means pictures of monkeys!! Yay! What were we up to this week?  Well, Tim got back to work, but the kids were still on break so we have just been hangin' out and cleanin' up after all the partyin' and enjoying this beautiful weather because before long it's going to be hot, hot, hot!  Here's a look at my little mischief-makers:

Well this lady has been ruling the roost, per usual and here she is wearing two shirts, two pants, and daddy's socks... at least she likes to wear clothes- am I right?

So many great times right now because she's really starting to talk a lot more- let me rephrase, I'm starting to understand a lot more of what she's saying.

 Here's the queen, in major relax mode.

 and again...

 Providing the home with her sweet melodies, all the while being sure to stay hydrated with her "cupa cupa."

 "You guys liked that, right?? I should play it 500 more times, right??"

 But eventually she stopped playing the piano and took to her art studies.

 She has the best examples in her brothers who love art and have all their supplies out all day every day.

When they're not doing art, they're playing outside and apparently Missy Bee decided the Little People bus was having such a great time that she needed in on that action...and her doggie too of course.  It looks like Bear, the tour guide, has been forced to accompany her on hands and knees instead of occupying the vehicle with her.  What a trooper.

 Little punkins

 Through all those activities, Miss Bee was focused on toilet training this week and she's doing a stellar job!  Don't worry, she's not feeding me chocolate from her fingers here- she touched my lips and said "mouth," which is still a questionable activity :)

 Workin' hard

Believe it or not, this little ninja was around as well this week, even though I don't have much photographic evidence of either son.  They're soaking up every last minute of vacation, starting with waking up at dawn and finding some leftover chocolate frosting from Grandpa's birthday cake apparently...This is what I woke up to that morning in any case.  Silly bug- but hey- Mom didn't lock it up so it's free game, right?

Extreme close-up from my very happy Bug.

And that's it!  Those were our shenanigans from the week.  As you can see we are always silly, goofy and full of nonsense, but that's the way we roll :)  Glad you stopped by to catch up with us.  Hope you've been having a great week, and until next Wednesday- take care, dear ones!

Song of the Day: James Newton Howard- The Gravel Road
*this link is provided for its audio content only*

Over and out

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