Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest: 1/11/2014

Hey pals!  You're here to see some swatches, so let's get right to it.  I'll tell you what I think of each, and show you my favorite polish of the week.  On to the polishes!

Kleancolor Titanic is a deep raspberry/crimson shimmer that is very luscious on the nail.  This is two coats and it was easy to apply.  I don't wear Kleancolor polishes too often because they take so long to try, but if you have a novice nail addict in your life, these are a great option because of price point and variety/inventiveness of shades and glitters.  You can find them on amazon.  A-

Nicole by OPI A Like-Haley Story is from the Modern Family collection that is being cleared out of most drug stores so you can find them for quite a markdown.  I kept passing on this one for a long time because I thought, fuchsia pink...kinda boring- but it actually has some subtle gold shimmer in there that makes this very interesting.  This is two coats which I was happy about.  Even though this isn't really my first color choice when I wake up, I did enjoy this bright strawberry.  A

China Glaze Harvest Moon is so divine.  This golden tangerine foil feels so exotic and really stands alone in my collection.  Foils are usually a mess to clean up, but wouldn't you deal with that to wear this little queen? This shade is brought to us by the Hunger Games collection which I love absolutely every color from, but this one is really special.  A

NYC Golden Glam is this coral with gold shimmer and it is rather sheer at one coat but is definitely buildable. This is two coats and when I had this on my nails I only felt so-so about it.  I wasn't dying to look at it all day, but you can many times find these polishes for a dollar at your drug store, so this brand is always a good one for nail addicts on a budget :)  B

Wow!  Speaking of a brand that gives a lot of bang for your buck!  Sinful Colors High Strung definitely packs a punch, and can also be often found for a dollar when they are having half off sales at Walgreens or RiteAid.  This color really is this bright on the nail and this is two coats, but it nearly didn't require a second. I think this came out during the Summer with the rest of the neon releases and is definitely one of my go-to neons with a fabulous formula.  I've said it before and I'll say it again- Sinful Colors is the most cost-effective, on trend polish brand out there right now.  A

Jordana Blue Flash looked really intriguing in the bottle but ended up being a disappointment on the nail. This is two coats, and while the blue shade is pretty, the added glitters just really brought this down for me.  It made a texture on the nail, but not the good kind.  On top of that, I'm really not a fan of bar glitter, and rarely ever purchase a polish with them(especially after I picked up this polish about a year ago).  Yep, this is a really old swatch.  I have too many pictures in my swatch folder, but they'll each get their turn.  Sorry Blue Flash, you get a C from me.

Maybelline Plum Paradise is a plum with a twist.  If you look carefully you will see some reflects blue in there.  This polish was only ok for me.  This is two coats and I love purples so much that I wanted to love this more, but it was kinda patchy and not all that impressive once it was on the nail.  I'd say pass. B

Misa Hot Couture is a really creamy khaki that is definitely original.  You really don't see many light caramel shades like this come out and they're definitely on trend so you'll probably start seeing more of them.  This is two coats and it was easy to work with.  You can find this brand at  A

Revlon Wintermint is from their recently-released scented polishes.  They really market this line much higher than I think they should, but I picked one up on a BOGO that all the drug stores are having and I do think the color and addition of glitter is interesting, but not worth the price point.  There are plenty of polishes out there you can pick up for just a couple dollars that will give you these color combinations.  As you can see it's a pale seafoam green with blue/green glitters and it does have a slight minty smell after the polish has dried, but it's nothing to write home about it.  Since I'm a polish junkie and I just had to have one to try it out, I have to say, I did like the shade, but they're definitely not a must-have item.  A-

China Glaze Spontaneous is my A+ polish of the week, and if you know me, you know I have a weakness for purple in my life.  By far my favorite hue, and especially these medium to light-toned purples.  This polish is so creamy, two coat opacity, and just perfection.  You can always find these polishes around three dollars from online retailers.

That's it for this swatchfest.  Did you find something you liked?  What was your favorite polish of the week?  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll see you back tomorrow

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