Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 Most-Loved Pink Polishes

Hey, I'm here again with another round up of polish favorites.  This time it's the pinkies!  Now truth be told I don't wear pink polish all that often.  After the poo-brown shades, pinks in general are probably my least-desired.  That being said, I do come across some lovelies from time to time and if I have to narrow down my top ten, these are they.  You'll find the video with live application here and then photos of each down below.

Sinful Colors Easy Going is as pale of a pink you can get before it's just plain white.  This one gets opaque in two coats so it's fine by me.  It's also in their permanent line so you should be able to find this one wherever Sinful Colors is sold.
 Another budget-friendly polish from the brand Spoiled- this is My Silicone Popped and it's like a tan pink.  It's smooth and creamy in two coats and this one is representing for the lovely neutral pink hybrid polishes.

 I have to Sally Hansen pinks for you- the first is from the Complete Salon Manicure brand and as you can see it's this peach/pink shade.  This is two coats, and the formula and brush are both great.

Almost the same shade, just a tad more peachy, this is from the Xtreme Wear line, and it is called Peach Beach.  Not quite as good a formula as it's sister above, but it retails for about a fourth of the price, so it's up to you.

NYC Spring Tulip is a really lovely deep coral pink and is smooth and lovely in two coats.  It takes two to even out- but it gets there.  This is really vibrant and represents the idea of tulips blossoming in Spring quite nicely.

We gotta get a neon polish in there, this is China Glaze Bottoms up which is you perfectly bright bubblegum pink.  This one really packs a punch and is a safe bet for any polish lover.

Taming it down a bit is OPI Sparrow Me the Drama.  Perfection in formula and brush, the color is so lovely and serene.  This could read old lady, but to me it doesn't- just really chic.

Next up is another Sinful Colors polish named Outrageous and that is definitely what it is.  This fuchsia is out to make people take notice and I find it gorgeous instead of obnoxious.

To change it up a bit, we have a scattered holo from Milani called Digital.  This one really is special and has so much dimension to it- just like each one of us.  Look at all that sparkle and all that interest.  Wow.

Let's finish up with a textured polish- Nicole by OPI My Cherry Amour.  Lovely fuchsia berry with the perfect amount of shimmer in its texture.  I really love this brand's textured formula and this color was very special.  When I had it on, I stared at it all day.  Divine.

That's it- my most-loved pink polishes.  These babies have a special place in my polish family- they are pinks that don't annoy me too much ;)  Don't forget to check out the video if you want to see live application.  Until next time- xoxo.

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