Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Swatchfest: 1/18/2014

It's Saturday, Saturday, time to swatch on Saturday.  Let's get into it.  Here are ten random swatches for us to take a look at and I'll tell you my review of them:

NYC Madison Avenue is a really flattering, cool-toned red that I think is a really great basic to have in your arsenal.  It's a bit of a crelly which I think looks fabulous and you can pick this little bottle up for a couple bucks at the drug store.  This is two coats.  Love it.  A

Sinful Colors Soul Mate is a peachy pink and I think it really is lovely.  This is two coats and it was easy and creamy to apply.  I think I found mine at Walgreens or Rite Aid for just under a couple bucks.  A

Julep Lynn was really hum-drum for me.  A frosty neutral peach beige, and it wasn't very flattering on and kind of a mess to apply.  I'd say pass on this one unless neutrals are totally your thing and you just want to try everyone's formula on them.  C+

Nicole by OPI Others Pale by Kimparison was in a bargain bin at Kmart or something and this is three coats to reach this level of opacity.  I have to say it is rather nice though.  Of course, having to do a third coat makes it officially high maintenance for me, but I think it's a really lovely shade.  It sort of looks like a great linen, and it's soft and peaceful.  A

Amour Frayed Denim is one of a bunch of great colors Amour released in Spring, and each color was so interesting, but honestly the formula on all of these meant a bit of work, which is always a bummer.  I wanted to pick up their Summer and Fall collections because of the interesting colors, but I just couldn't because I didn't want to have to mess with a gunky formula again.  It's a shame.  You're looking at two coats.  This is a great cool blue-toned mint though :)  I give it a B.

Orly Teal Unreal is a really gorgeous blue-teal and this is two coats.  I actually didn't love this on me as much as I loved it in the bottle, but maybe it will look great on you.  Formula was fine.  I always worry about shades like this that they're going to be major stainers, but I removed it soon after so I'm not sure on whether it will stain upon application.  I picked this up at Sally Beauty and I think it is still their current display.  A-

Princessa is another bargain brand that plays to tweens more than adults I would say.  This is Neon Purple and I picked up a set of neons from them to see what their formula was like and I have to say, I was impressed.  For a teeny-bopper brand, these colors pack a punch, as exemplified by this shade, and look at that shimmer too!  This is two coats, not over white.  Great for the price.  A

Avon Bare Necessity is I think the first shade I every picked up from this brand and I've had this lady a long time(you can see the cap is busted).  It's your basic nude crelly, and honestly I used to love this one a lot more, but I think I've found nudes I like much better since, so I'd say this one's only so-so.  B

Color Club Savoy Nights is a multi-sized silver glitter in a pale blue jelly base.  I had really high hopes for this shade but It kinda falls flat on the nail- is that possible for a glitter??  Oh boy, I just don't like the looks of this over white.  Maybe I need to try it over a light blue, but it was goopy and messy and it just didn't give me the look I was hoping for.  Bummer.  B-

Sinful Colors Ruby Mine is my A+ color of the week because she is soo soo pretty and I just stared at her all day.  I almost included this baby in my top 13 of 2013 but I already had two textures.  I really like Sinful Colors' take on the textured polish and the bonus in this one is all that gold shimmer with the tutti frutti red of this polish.  I looooove it.

That's it- which was your favorite? What were you rockin on your nails this week?  I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow.  I'm going to go see the Hobbit with my little side-kick now :) Later, babes!

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