Thursday, January 23, 2014

10 Most-Loved Red Polishes

This should have gone in the title because I need to get it out of the way- but these are my top 10 most-loved, budget-friendly red polishes.  You won't find any high end polishes here peeps.  I'm bringing you polishes for the frugal lady.  That being said, I hope you like red polish, because that's what we're gonna talk about today.  Actually, red isn't my favorite shade to wear on my nails, or my second favorite, or third...but sometimes you really just gotta have a red nail.  If you don't particularly gravitate towards red polish, maybe this post will give you that itch to try a new red.  Here's the video on my channel where you can watch live application of each of these babies:

On to the photos, here are the ten lovely ladies I'm spotlighting today, all at two coats:

We'll kick things off with this great classic red, Rimmel London Stiletto Red.  This little lady applies like a dream, has a wider brush for easy application and you'll find yourself reaching for her on the regular.

Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer Wine Not? is up next to represent for our deeper, sexy reds.  This polish has been in my pocket for a lot of years now cuz I can't give her up, she's that gorgeous- and this is without top coat, peeps!

Color Club Mamba is another classic red, a little spicy and just as gorgeous as the rest.  This applies nicely and this is another cost-efficient brand if you find it at places like Marshalls and Ross.  Pick it up, you'll be glad you did.

Nicole by OPI Sealed With a Kris has a little deeper tone, and applies nice and easily.  In real life, it actually comes off a little deeper than in this picture.  This shade is really attractive on, and says "I mean business."

Julep Myrtle has a creamy goodness formula.  I only give that moniker to polishes that ride that fine line between cream and jelly polishes that is perfection.  It's squishy, but not sheer on two coats.  Lovely!  Another really great classic red.

Avon Supernova was a really special polish for me this year and unlike any other in my polish family.  I love the scattered silver holo so much and the formula is fab.  I really love unique shades and this one was really fun.

Julie G Sunset Kiss is so divine.  My favorite thing about it is how much it shines and almost glows.  It has tons of gold shimmer, applies like a dream and is a really great classic.

Sinful Colors Beau Brique is representing for the odd balls reds.  I loved how funky this shade is and how unexpected it is on the nail.  Easy and smooth to apply in two coats.  Another winner!

China Glaze Infra-Red is from their holographic line and I love this strawberry red way to wear a holographic polish.  This is your almost-pink red.  Love it.  If you like holographics and also like to wear traditional shades, this one's for you.

Sparitual Impression is the caboose of the reds today.  This polish is  It applies flawlessly, is the perfect shade of red, and is practically soothing to look at.  My very favorite of the bunch.  Just a great classic, need to have in your arsenal, red.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of great polishes today.  Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel where I put out tutorials and reviews every week.  I'll see you back tomorrow with some nail art!  XOXO

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