Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up 1/1/2014

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!! I know I missed last Wednesday Wrap-Up because it was Christmas Day, but here are some photos from the last two weeks to fill you in on what we've been up to.  I mostly took video on Christmas Day, so I don't have many photos from that day, but lots of other random happenings.  Let the photo roll begin:

 We've been baking




 racing through the mall shopping

 eating breakfast whilst loving Grandma

 opening presents and becoming princesses

 snuggling with our new giant teddy bear

 expressing glee over Minecraft figurines

 having a delicious Christmas dinner made entirely by Tim

 making homemade leather goods

 being a fairy princess

 and again

 exploring artistic genius

 munchin' party food all night to stay up on New Year's

 and still trying to stay awake

 then there's these guys

 and potty training

 painting our faces with chocolate celebrating Grandpa's birthday

 more celebrating with ice cream

 i don't even like ice cream, you can tell, right?

 being uber cute

 more ice cream?? beginning to detect a pattern here...

and experiencing new firsts on behalf of the new year!  

And there you have it- a speedy photo roll to catch you up on all our nonsense.  Hope your Christmas and New Year's were as fun as ours were and that you're happy and healthy.  We love you all, family and friends far and wide :)  Hoping 2014 is a truly blessed year for you and your family.  XOXO!!

Song of the Day: Yeasayer- Longevity
*this link is provided for its audio content only*

Over and out

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