Tuesday, January 28, 2014

French Twist Tutorial

Hi everybody!  How's your Tuesday going so far?  I have a quick tutorial for you today.  Do you have a nude polish that you absolutely love but it's a little too sheer and you don't like to show your tips.  Thinking french manicure but want to shake things up a bit?  Try this manicure on for size:

You can go right to the video tutorial here:

And some more pictures of the finished look:

This is a really fun way to wear your favorite nude polish that maybe doesn't get completely sheer and you want to cover your tips a bit.  Here is the base polish that I chose- Revlon Seashell at two coats:

I hope you enjoyed this look and that you give it a try!  I'll see you back tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Daft Punk- Lose Yourself to Dance
*this link is provided for its audio content only*

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