Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top 13 Polishes of 2013: Part I

Hello my polish lovers!  I have compiled my top 13 polishes from this past year and it was a tough process because I just have waaaaay more than 13 polishes that I absolutely feel are share-worthy, which is why I have swatch-a-thon Saturdays so I can show you lots of different polishes every month from a variety of brands.  Anyway, this video is the first of two parts because I did live swatching and it just took too long for one video.  Here is the link to the video and below it I will show you each shade that I included in part I

Here are photos and descriptions for each polish to go along with the video:

First we have Avon Saturn which isn't really a favorite shade of the year, but I wanted to include this brand because they pumped out some really interesting polishes this year that have a lot of dimension.  This is from their Cosmic collection and it's a scattered holographic rusty orange and I think it's absolutely divine.

My favorite blue polish of the year came from a collection of many gorgeous blues, the Sinful Colors Sail la Vie collection and this polish also has the name Sail la Vie.  This is two coats, absolutely brilliant shade.  I love it so much- this might be my desert island polish.

This is Spoiled Are Mermaids Real? and it represents my love of great shimmer color pairings.  For me, it can't get much better than this shade of purple paired with gold shimmer so this one is a major win!  Also you can pick this up for under two bucks at your local CVS so it's fabulous.

My fourth pick comes from the brand e.l.f. which as everyone knows has great bargain cosmetics, and they also have bargain polishes.  There really are only a few standouts from their line but this one is just luminous and it was the year of e.l.f. cosmetics for me because they really are a great brand to check out if you're shopping on a budget, and their polishes are no exception.  This is the color Teal Blue.

This little slice of divinity is Color Club Port-folio and as you can see it is a duochrome flashing from purple to gold and green.  This is two coats and if you want this shade to shift even better, layer it over black.  It pretty much packs everything I love into one bottle of polish.  Love, love, love it!

Hello my love, Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Scarab.  The gorgeousness of this polish is hard to put into words.  This jewel-toned, almost duochrome with the gold and jade is such a stunner and a standout in my collection.  When you want your nails to wow without being obnoxious, this is the shade.  Total knockout!

Lastly in part I, I have Nicole by OPI Blueberry Sweet on You from their Gumdrops collection which is their take on the textured trend.  I really like how they formulate their textured polish- it's really finely-milled with lots of shimmer and isn't distracting but rather enhancing.

So were you loving any of these polishes as well this year?  I have 6 more for you coming up on Thursday. Come back and see what else made the cut!

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