Monday, January 27, 2014

Chick Chick, Line Line

Hey darlings :)  Today's post is featuring a new Sinful Colors polish called Chick Chick.  In the past few weeks, Sinful Colors released two collections featuring the name Mod in the title and this is from the "Oh My Mod" collection.  It's rather an interesting yellow, right?  Aptly named, it's like baby chick colored- not quite butterscotch and not quite sunshine.  I accented this shade with some hand-drawn linework on a couple accent fingers with a chocolate brown.  Here's the look:

Here is Chick Chick at its own at two coats- which is pretty good for a yellow polish:

I hope you enjoyed this look and I'll see you back tomorrow for a tutorial!  Have a fabulous day!

Song of the Day: Goldfrapp- You Never Know
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  1. Hi there, I just reviewed this collection and my bottle of Chick Chick was a streaky thin nightmare, but this is lovely!!! I linked this post on my blog as an alternate source for swatches for this shade, hope you don't mind!


    1. that's always a shame when formula's aren't consistent bottle to bottle. Mine ended up being fine- sorry you got a bum one :(