Monday, January 20, 2014

Button Up

Hello there!  I have a playful and fun manicure today that is very colorful and kookie, just the way I like it. You know that great little tupperware of random buttons your mom has, where it seems like each little button tells its own story?  That's what this manicure is inspired by.   Here's the look:

I know this nail art is pretty random, but I love rocking the unexpected on my nails.  Truly, that little tupperware of buttons is art in its own way.  Each piece with its own shape and texture and together they make a beautiful rainbow.

The base polish I used for this very colorful manicure is a Bellatrix polish(an unheard-of brand to me) that I found in a gift set in Walgreens this holiday season.  It was a no-namer, so I'm calling it Emerald.  Here it is at two coats:

I hope you enjoyed this look, and thanks for stopping by.  I'll see you again tomorrow and have a fabulous rest of your day!

Song of the Day: Gotye- State of the Art
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Over and out.


  1. This is so cute! I love the detail of the buttons! Your base colour is so nice too! :)