Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Wrap-Up: 6/5/2013

Another week has passed for our crazy little clan, and here's some of my favorite moments from it:

Don't even pretend you didn't say I could have this pudding Mom...

I'm gonna paint nails too

Snuggle buddies

We were invited to swim at a friend's house this week and she has the most beautiful pool.  The kids were all in heaven :)

All my loves <3 p="">

What?? Somebody take out the kid with the squirt gun :)

Love...oh, and nommin' me some chips right thar

Thanks Grandma for my fabulous suit!

These gloves are the style, right?

So tickled with herself

Best buds forever

In such a silly mood :)

These are all of her dancing to brother singing the Elmo song :)

Well that's it from us this week.  Love to you all.  Can't wait to see all the fam in July

Song of the Day:

Over and out.

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