Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial: Framed Gradient

Hey peeps, today's tutorial combines two of my favorite nail art techniques trending right now, gradient and framing.  Here's the look we're going to create today:

1) The first thing you're going to do is pick your two gradient colors.  You can use three if you want, but two is fine if you want to keep it simpler and practice your technique.  I started with two coats of Orly Black Vinyl(just your basic black) and then one coat of NYC Precious Peacock which really comes to life over black.  You can pick it up for a couple bucks at any drug store and it is just gorgeous.

2) Next you need any kind of sponge(I got this one with a China Glaze Ombre kit) and I rather like the more porous nature of this sponge.  Paint your two colors next to each other on the sponge, slightly overlapping.

3) Dab the sponge onto the nail so it covers across the width of the nail.  Repeat with every nail, reapplying the two colors onto the sponge with each nail.  You can use the same space on the sponge over and over.  Return to the first finger and repeat the process slightly varying the place your sponge meets the nail with each dab so that there's not a clear line where you've sponged each color.  Your nail surface will look bumpy, but your top coat will take care of all that.

4) Add top coat and clean up around the nail with a brush and acetone.

5) On to the framing.  I used basic white for a strong contrast, you can pick whatever color you think will compliment your look.  With a small brush carefully draw a line around the edges of your nail, "framing" your gradient nail art.  This will also be just a little bumpy but your top coat will again step in and save the day.

Here's the finished look with just one accent finger "framed."

This is the look with every nail framed.  What do you think?

Do you like either of these techniques?  Remember when trying these out that practice is key, as with most things in life :)  Don't give up if it doesn't turn out just as you expected on the first try.  Do you like the look with just one nail framed or with a uniform design across all the nails?  I hope you give this a try and let me know how you like it for yourself.  Have a fabulous day!

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  1. This looks very nice! I love how you combined these nail trends! I have yet to perfect my gradient nail skills, but I'm going to keep working on it

  2. I love the gradient! The framed accent nail looks really good too! :)

  3. Look at you with all your amazing nail art!! Wow!! Way to go, thanks for the nice comments on my blog! I hope that the snickerdoodles turn out well for you and that you are your hubs love them!

  4. This is so pretty! I love seeing all the fun nail art ideas that I need to try when I have spare time (yeah right!)

  5. As always you amaze me with what you can do with a couple of bottles of nail polish. Thank you for coming by and sharing this on Fluster Buster's Creative Muster Party.

    Fluster Buster

  6. Very pretty & something I have yet to try! Found on Memories by the Mile :)

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