Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching: 6/15/2013

Another fun weekend so far?  Time to look at some little beauties that have been waiting their turn to be spotlighted here on random swatching day.

Let's start off with a polish in the red family as we always do.  This is Orly Terracotta and look how buttery smooth she is!  The color is refreshing and perfect for Summer.  Pictured here with two coats, she has quickly become a favorite of mine for this season- and I found her in the discounted polish sets at Ross!  Yay!  If you've never checked out their polish there, you should give it a go sometime.  Often you won't really find any treasures- but once in a while you'll be pleasantly surprised with the super bargains you can get on great polish!  A.

This is Julep Carrie, and look at her, so pretty and perfect just like Carrie Bradshaw.  I am in love with this little bottle.  You know, I'm not always in the mood for pink, but this polish melts onto your nail and in two coat perfection she is a go-to sweet, baby pink.  A.

Say hello to Avon Mandarin Magic.  I fell in love with this special collection Avon recently put out that is a group of shimmer/fleck polishes.  Like with most formulas like this- they leave their fleck all over when you try to take them off, but oh they're worth it.  So beautiful and unique.  This is two coats.  A

Here is China Glaze In the Rough from their recent textured collection.  Every brand staying on trend is putting out a textured collection right now.  Some of them like OPI and Julie G are more of a glitter texture, but China Glaze went in a different direction.  As you can see, definitely more grunge, every day sort of wear.  Less fancy-pantsy for sure.  I was not disappointed.  It was totally fun to wear, and only as difficult to remove as a heavy glitter is.  I thought it was fun- not sure if I'll pick up any more from this collection, but I'm glad I grabbed at least one :)  A.

I totally loved this polish when Julie showed it in a release preview on her youtube channel a while back and I knew it was fate she be mine sooner or later.  Lo and behold, she found her way to my home :)  This is Julie G Holla Peno and not only does it have a totally cute name which I love- the color is very unique to my stash.  I think it's great and even though her polishes aren't as budget friendly as say Sinful Colors, and not as expansive, I've never been disappointed with the formula on her polishes either(of the three I've tried...)  Anyway, I love this one.  A.

CVS had this little beauty, Revlon Color Stay Blue Slate, on 75% off sale the other day! Which is crazy.  This is their higher end line of polish and so I hadn't tried the line out for myself yet.  I was glad to be able to do so due to this crazy discount and I was not disappointed.  Of course, blue gray polishes are near and dear to my heart, and this one was a great creamy finish in two coats which was win win.  A.

Ok, this polish was not so nice...It came in a four polish ombre set(including the white to wear under the gradient you'd create with the set).  I think the appearance of what's in the bottle and what comes out on the nail is completely unsychronized.  This is definitely a weird one that's for sure, and sometimes that's what happens with China Glaze.  The name of this "neon purple" is Flying Dragon.  Man, they should have saved that name for something really cool, you know?  D.

Orly Black Vinyl is a super gloss black- seen here at two coats without top coat.  After the first coat I was somewhat skeptical because it was thin and streaky, but it magically evened-out after the second coat.  It really is gorgeous, but no good for nail art really, which is a bummer cuz that's the primary reason I picked it up- to find another great black for nail art.  Oh well, it was on that same fabulous sale at CVS.  A-

Hard Candy Gummy Green was my first experience with this brand and I can not report too much that is good about this polish, sadly :(  I saw this on a few blogs and knew it had to be mine for it's unique look(although very similar to a Nails Inc polish).  However the formula was Yeck!  It was gloopy, difficult, refused to even out, and was a major sad face disappointment.  I'll be surprised with myself if I repurchase this brand after my experience with this polish.  You may say that's hasty- I say there are far too many great brands to waste your time with shoddy ones, and look at the amount of ML you get in this little bottle- not a good bang for your buck.  D.

China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard was one of the polishes I was most looking-forward to wearing from my recent Mother's Day haul on transdesign.  It is my featured polish of the week and guess what that means-  A+!  She's fabulous as I hoped.  Apparently I forgot to clean up around the cuticles for this pick(weaksauce Phoebs) but I'm sure I did later when I wore this around for a while, and it won't be the last time this Summer!  She's not only bright bright green, she has a bit of shimmer and I LOVE her :)

Well that's it for this random swatching.  Thanks for stopping by.
You can find the featured polishes at the following locations:
China Glaze- Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply,,
Revlon- Target, Kmart, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
Orly- Sally Beauty Supply, CVS
Julie G- Rite Aid
Hard Candy- Walmart

See you tomorrow for some new nail art.

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