Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching: 6/22/2013

Hey Peeps- Saturday means more random swatching!  I hope you find something you like this week, one of these colors sparks your heart and you plan to get some more color in your life, or you just get out there and let your inner artist loose. :)  For some reason polish makes me happy and I hope you are inspired to enjoy the thing that makes you happy today!

Red- Today we have Sally Hansen Salon Cherry Nice- two coats, smooth as butter, bright, cheery and fabulous!  I picked this polish up years ago and it is still goin' strong, yay for good quality Sally!  A.

Pink- So this shade screamed at me from my "swatched" folder(as neons have a tendency to do)- but just look how bright it is!!  This is a brand I found at Ross called Princessa, and I'm callin' it Pink Pop cuz it was a no-namer.  This is two coats over a coat of white polish, and you can see it's a bit streaky.  Not the best quality brand but super duper cheap if your daughter just has to have some neon polish like asap mom... ;)  And very very bright!  B-

Orange- This is Roguish Red from China Glaze, and is so close to orange, we're just going to call it that today.  It is so deliciously on the line between the two shades, that I find it to be perfection.  This is from their 2012 Halloween collection so you might have to look online for it, but it is a very unique shade and gives a great finish in two easy coats.  A.

Yellow-  Say hello to Orly Lemonade.  I found her at Ross too in their little bargain cosmetics area.  Now you all know my secret- and pretty soon Ross will never have anything fun there for me because you'll all be snatching it up before me!  :)  No, but seriously look how delicious this delicate, sweet, creamy yellow is.  This is two coats and surprisingly even for a yellow.  Love her!  A.

Green- Representing for green today we have Julep Adrianna.  This is kinda where I thought the honeydew color from yesterday's post was going to go.  It is a dusty green cream polish, and applied in two easy coats.  Super fun and fresh.  A.

Blue- As for blue, today we have Milani Glitzy in Denim, which I think I found at Grocery Outlet or something like that.  If you do find this in their core set at a drug store though, pick it up, cuz what you're looking at here is one coat.  This puppy is crazy pigmented, gorgeous baby blue with tons of shimmer.  Lovely!  A.

Purple-  This little beauty is named Beverly Hills from Sinful Colors.  She was in one of their recent displays at Rite Aid and she was so stinkin' precious, she somehow made it home with me.  She is very similar in hue however to Sweet Tooth from their Sugar Rush collection.  Two easy, creamy coats.  She gets an A.  Sorry about the pic, my cuticles were desperate for a drink of water!

Here is Sweet Tooth; as you can see -just a hair lighter than Beverly Hills.

Neutrals- This is China Glaze Dandy Lyin Around and she is on the sheerer side of your white creams.  As you can see she has a good bit of shimmer and is definitely a good option to switch up your basic white, super fresh, manicure.  This polish is from the Avant Garden collection and I believe this is pictured with three coats.  A-

Glitter/Texture- Ok, so I know the shredded polishes were a flash in the pan, but this one was at a CVS at 75% off so I decided to give her a good home.  Maybelline Color Show Carbon Frost actually turned out to be easier to work with, as shredded/crackly polishes go.  Normally they are a frustrating piece of work, that is for sure.  Even with that being said, it's not really my favorite look, maybe good for a costume or something.  I give it a C+ for it's above par performance.  She is pictured with Spoiled Did I Dye it too Blonde?

Featured Polish of the Week-  I have for you Into the Blue from Sinful Colors recently released Sail La Vie collection.  Pretty much every polish from that collection could be my featured shade...if you're a fan of Sinful Colors and you haven't seen that release yet, google it.  The shades are just so up my alley and they're all no fuss, creamy wonders.  Anyway, this blue is magnificent; I love it- and I think it looks really great on a short nail too!  A+

That's it!  Did you find something purty?  I hope you're having a great weekend and we'll meet back up tomorrow for some more nail art ideas.

You can purchase the featured brands at the following locations:
Spoiled- CVS, Walmart
Sally Hansen- Target, Kmart, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
China Glaze- Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply,,
Sinful Colors- Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
Milani- CVS, Walgreens
Orly- Sally Beauty Supply, CVS
Maybelline Color Show- Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Kmart
Princessa- Ross

Song of the Day: Sam Sparro, Black & Gold

Over and out.

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