Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Wrap-Up: 6/12/2013

Time for another photo roll documenting just what we were up to this week.  We got into a bit of trouble as usual.  I'm living with a bunch of rascals here that's for sure!  So let's see what went on:

 You may be wondering who's birthday it is.  Well, in fact, since new balloons are born every day at the dollar store, bug simply insists on going there to celebrate and take one of them home...nearly every day.

 Oh and of course the balloons get lonely if you don't take their friends the puzzles home as well.

 Oh what fun there is to be had at the pet store!

Don't know why Mom keeps stopping me from putting my hand in here.  Obviously they want you to, or why would they have fun water here for you to play in...duh!

 Look Mom, the guinea pig's taking a poo.

 Sorry, that's not comin' home with us.

 Mr. Bear found a scorpion, which I couldn't see- but it was there!

 Pretty, and studly lookin' dudes!

 (FOR UNCLE TY)  Parked next to us at K-to the -Mart

 Ok guys, this place is getting boring.  Let's get some excitement up in this piece.

Come on sis, lighten up!

 *Nom Nom*

Can't really lighten up when you let me feed myself and I get chili all over my face, guys!

 Tuckered out=love for Mom

 Bug's always gotta show the rest of you how to properly use your Ipad.

 Faster!  Faster I say!

 Perhaps the mule is meant to be ridden in this fashion...

Brother readin' sis a bedtime story <3 p="">
That's all folks.  Hope you are all well and we love you!

Song of the Day:

Over and out.

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