Friday, June 14, 2013

All Tangled Up

Hello all my loves!  So, recently a friend introduced me to an art form called Zentangle which involves filling empty space within shapes or forms with different patterns.  I was immediately intrigued to see if any of these graphics would work well as nail art.  Here's what resulted from my first stab at it:

Of course painting with a brush and trying to make very small delicate lines is tougher than using a pen, for me at least because I'm still learning, however I ended up really enjoying painting these and how they turned out.  I always love finding new inspiration and was so happy to start delving into this world.  I think you'll be seeing a lot more of this Zentangle nail art from me :)  The base color is Sinful Colors Cross My Heart.  It is a crelly from their Sail La Vie collection and it is fabulous in two thick coats.  Here it is on its own:

Just exactly what you want in a jelly/crelly.  Love it! And the price tag is two bucks =D

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Song of the Day:

Enjoy your weekend.  See you tomorrow for random swatching.

Over and out.

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