Monday, June 24, 2013

A Little Psychedelic

Hello loves :)  Quick, kookie nail art today.  This is what happens when you love playing with your paint a little too much.  I was feeling this swirling, third dimension kind of vibe today.  It's pretty much the moment where Lord Helmet says "Ludicrous Speed!" There isn't much else to be said.  I feel like this accent nail is sucking me in, telling me I need to paint more!  I think I shall heed it's enchanting call.  

Here is the base color- Revlon Decadent by itself.  I think this is what got me into the land of time travel- look at the dimension in this polish with the lovely blue shimmer running throughout.  Love it!

Hope you're all feeling fabulous and having a happy Monday!

Song of the Day: Teenage Mutants- Out of Time(Original Mix)

Over and out

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