Monday, June 17, 2013

Feeling Floral and Mini-Haul Winner!!

Hello, hello, happy Monday!  I am happy to announce the winner of my mini polish haul winner is Christa Graham!!  Thanks everyone who entered and I'm sure I'll be having another one soon :)

On to today's nail art.  Everybody's getting their floral on these days, and I wanted to paint some of my favorite flowers(and some of the sunniest out there)- some daisies.  The base color is Revlon Violet and felt like the perfect background for some sweet little yellow and blue daisies.

 The fourth finger is smudged because I stopped to chase my daughter on hands and knees around the couch right after applying top coat, but hey- that's my life in a nutshell- slightly smudged around the edges ;)

Here's this GORGEOUS shade by itself.

Hope you enjoyed this look and let me know if you try it yourself.

See you tomorrow for another Tuesday Tutorial!

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  1. Oh my these looks awesome...wish you had put in step by step teenager would love this...