Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: 5/8/2013

Hello everyone.  Welcome to our week in photos once again!  :)  Without further ado, here's what we've been up to all week.

Ridin' around with our homies

Stealing brother' food

Uh, Mom- she's stealing my food.

This isn't what we're supposed to do with the phone?

Getting ourselves in precarious positions

Preventing sun damage, very important!

Gettin' our sweat on!

We had a birthday party this week!

Here are his first looks at the cake.

Blowing out candles with brother's help

Digging in....mmmmm

I guess he likes it!  Bug isn't much of a cake and ice cream fan, but something he definitely does love is chocolate chip cookies!  So we just made him one big cookie cake.  :)  It was a hit!


Brotherly love

All three munchkins.  Look at Bee eyein' up that cookie!

My little Prince

Goofin' around with Dad!

This is how I open gifts...laaaaaaid back!

"Wow, more presents??"

"It's all for me?"

One of the favorites!

Happy and Pooped Birthday Boy =D

Hope you and yours are well this week and our love goes to you.  XOXO

Song of the Day:

Over and Out

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