Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching: 5/11/2013

Have 10 more little lovelies for you today.  Let's get started :)

Milani Black Cherry, as you can see, is a rich, luscious, vampy, almost black, red.  Whew that there was a lot o' adjectives.  But for realz this polish packs a punch.  It's just like Milani to never let me down- this one's another one-coat winner =D  Woot  A.

Kleancolor Sparkling Cosmos has been waiting to have it's moment to shine for a while now.  Kleancolor has such a wide range of kookie shades, kinda like China Glaze, but they are crazy cheap on amazon- like a buck a piece.  A trade up for that is that in general they take sooooper long to dry in comparison to other brands which is kind of a bummer.  But look at how fun this polish is.  A gorgeous pink metallic with (like the title says) sparkling magenta glitter packed in.  I love the brand's no fear stance on tryin' different color concoctions, but they need to work on their formula a bit.  Still gonna give it a B though cuz it's so purty.

Sinful Colors Orange Cream looks as smooth as butter, following in suit with the rest of the Spring 2013 Sugar Rush collection.  Can you see that subtle shimmer in there too?  Man, for a buck- Sinful Colors really does produce some fabulous polishes that I think you can definitely feel comfortable picking up if you're sticking to a budget like I am.  Yay for givin' us frugal ladies some truly gorgeous options!  A.

 Hello Julep Kathleen!  I just have to say- I love witty polish names- they really make me smile sometimes, but I also love the way Julep names their polishes.  Don't they make you feel like you can build a relationship with your polishes? lol  I know that sounds ridiculous- but ladies if you feel me put your hands up =D  This isn't really one of my favs from Julep.  This metallic gold doesn't really hold up next to some of the other really great gold metallics out there, but I think they were going for a little softer and more sophisticated metallic.  Anyhow, this two-coater just gets a B from me.

 Eek- OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me....speaking of fun polish names.  The thing about OPI is you can count on the brand to bust out great quality in their formula.  I probably only every been disappointed by maybe two OPI shades that have found their way into my hands.  That being said...compared to something like Sinful Colors- you are investing a bit more of your hard earned keesh for their reliable brand...and yet not near as much as some brands.  Kinda right there in the middle of the pack I'd say.  But ya- safe bet when you're picking up an OPI.  And look at this super fun shade!  It's kinda a slug green lol- which I totally LOVE.  It's shades like this that remind me there's beauty in the unusual and hmmm I wonder what Bach would think of this A polish.

 Electric blue crelly here we come!  Color Club Endless Summer is screaming out to you to get out there and enjoy the sun, that's for sure.  I think this was three coats, a bit trickier as crellies can be, but just such a gorgeous blue. Ahhh :)  B+.

China Glaze Fancy Pants was for me one of the stand-outs from their 2013 Spring Avant Garden collection.  Hmm, which do I love more...the violet shade or the divine pink shimmer built in?  More so than OPI, China Glaze can sometimes be a toss up whether you'll get a good formula- but what you're making the trade for is originality and gutsy stabs at brilliance.  I loved this color, and maybe if you just pick one from their Spring collection- it should be this one ;)  A.

 Ok, this is Ardoise from Sinful Colors.  Meet my new murky obsession.  Like I said before- they rock some tight shades for such a small price tag.  Me likey that combo!  Doesn't this color just melt you with its darkness?  Well it does me.  A.

Aight, this one I think had very good intentions.  This is Sinful Colors Super Star.  I think the name is a good one, they were trying to really pack a punch into this polish, and I think part of the problem is it's not that great on its own.  I should have layered it over another blue polish because once you get enough on there to get rid of most of the vnl, you've got a big goopy mes...yup that's right- Sinful didn't hit the mark on this one- but it had such good intention.  The colors of the glitter combo is fab :)  B-

Hmm, why haven't I featured this polish yet?  I think every week I look through my "to post" folder and think I'm totally going to give this one it's proper place on my random swatching but I get sidetracked I guess...Well this is my first picture polish bottle and it's called Denim.  True to what my ladies are sayin' their formula is grand.  I hope to add more of them to my polish family, but they are a brand that's a tad out of my budget, so we'll see :)  Now I know they're worth the hype at least ;)  I love these polishes busting out with dimension!!  It's a softer "denim" look than I had imagined in my head when I ordered it online, but I loove it.  A+ shade of the week.

Hope you found something you liked this week.

The above polish can be found at the following places:

OPI- Ulta, local beauty supply stores
China Glaze- Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply,,
Color Club-,, Ross 
Sinful Colors- Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
picture polish-
Milani- CVS, Walgreens

Till tomorrow, stay groovy :)

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