Monday, May 6, 2013

Rise Above the Blues

This is a really gorgeous blue cream with a slight bit of shimmer, and it does not give me the blues at all like the title implies.  However, the design I was messing around with using my dotting tool looks like balloons floating up into the atmosphere, and thus the title of this post.  The colors are from L'oreal and they are Notting Hill Blues and The Perfect Trench.  

If you're a nail art beginner a few tools you can invest in that will be indispensable are dotting tools and striping brushes.

They are extremely inexpensive, and they really make nail design so much more approachable.  Armed with these tools, you can sit down to play with easy shapes and patterns and turn out a striking look in no time.  A few well-placed dots and/or stripes can add just the right something to a simple manicure and give you a unique look.

Here's hoping you explore your artist within :)

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Over and out.

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